Pfizer vaccine arrives in Thailand

It has been around two months ever since the news about Pfizer being one of the Covid-19 vaccines included within Thailand’s mass inoculation scheme came out.

For those who have been waiting, it’s time to clink your glasses – at home – because Pfizer is finally arriving in Thailand this July 2021. The first group of people to receive the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine is said to be senior citizens and pregnant women in high risk areas, such as Bangkok.

Here’s what we know about it.

Recent Covid-19 updates:

1.5 million doses of Pfizer vaccine to arrive in Thailand this July

1.5 million doses of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine are said to arrive in Thailand this July 2021. Senior citizens – aged 60 and above – and women who are over 12 weeks pregnant are the first priority group. The inoculation will begin in high risk areas, specifically Bangkok and nearby areas.

The decision was made during a meeting between Thailand’s health organisations on 30th June, where they discussed the role of Pfizer in the mass inoculation plan, according to a report from 4th July 2021.

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During the meeting, attendants suggested three demographics that would first receive the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. Those groups being:

  1. Citizens aged between 12-18
  2. High risk individuals such as the elderly, those with chronic diseases, and pregnant women
  3. Healthcare workers in need of a third booster shot

After some debate, the decision was ultimately reduced to group two. The reason being that health officials fear for the damage that administering a third Covid-19 vaccine dose to healthcare workers, who mostly received Sinovac, would do for the public perception of Sinovac, according to Workpoint Today.

Additionally, 20 million more doses of the Pfizer vaccine is expected to arrive in Thailand in the last quarter of the year.

Working towards better days

Many netizens, including doctors, have been seen asking that medical staff be included in the first lot of Pfizer rollouts, since there have been incidents of hospital staff getting infected or even fainting while on the job.

It’s definitely a crossroad for the medical health professionals with a number of concerns to tend to, but we’re optimistic that they will come to a decision that works out for the best for everyone’s safety. Especially in this case, where they’re prioritising the elderly and women who are holding the future within their bodies.

Whilst this may possibly bring changes on how the inoculation will move forward, at the end day, the good news is Pfizer is finally coming in town.

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