Fishmonger faints twice after winning lottery

Winning the lottery is something that many people dream about, but very few actually get to experience. In Thailand, it’s such a commonly-held aspiration that we have different rituals aimed at helping us strike gold.

While we can certainly imagine the rush that comes with winning millions of Baht, there’s no way we can actually know what it feels like.

However, the actions of this fishmonger in Rayong perfectly captures how we foresee ourselves reacting.

Read on to find out more about how a hawker lost consciousness after finding out she won ฿6 million (~USD186,564) in the lotto.

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Hawker wins ฿6M lottery prize

On 17th February 2022, Ms. Sri Nuan, a 62 year-old fishmonger at a market in Rayong, received news that she won ฿6 million (~USD186,564) in the lottery.

In response to the news, the hawker fainted not once, but twice, according to Sanook.

Image credit: Sanook

After regaining consciousness, the vendor decided it was time for the whole shopping centre to celebrate. Ms. Sri Nuan took all of the fish she was hoping to sell for the day and gave them away for free.

Winning numbers came to her in a dream

Ms. Sri Nuan’s winning ticket was numbered 097597.

How did she pick out such a number? Sources say that the hawker was visited by her late father and grandfather in her dreams for three consecutive nights.

Ms. Sri Nuan further stated that her dad and grandpa repeated these numbers to her on all three nights.

Celebrating as a community

We couldn’t be more happy for Ms. Sri Nuan’s win. How she decided to celebrate – giving away all the fish in her stall for free – was also admirable as it shows she wanted to share her joy with others.

With her generous actions, we have no doubt that Ms. Sri Nuan will continue to live a fulfilled life.

Who knows? Maybe the two times she fainted is a sign that she’ll win the lottery twice.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): @k_ball09

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