Giant monitor lizard caught squatting in ceiling

Calling the police is the first thing we need to do when we find a squatter in our house.

However, in a situation where we find out that the squatter isn’t a human, we would also need to call animal rescuers.

To illustrate the point, take a look at this story of a woman in Thailand who found a giant monitor lizard squatting in a ceiling.

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Monitor lizard spotted secretly living in the house’s ceiling

On 16th February 2022, a Thai TikToker, @kibkaemati, posted a video starring police officers and animal rescuers who were trying to remove a monitor lizard from the ceiling.

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They were alerted to the scene after the house’s owner had heard strange noises from the ceiling and spotted the animal’s leg hanging from the roof.

GIF: @kibkaemati

The officer had to break the ceiling to help remove the animal. A few moments after the demolition job, a huge monitor lizard fell down from the ceiling startling everyone at the scene.

GIF: @kibkaemati

The reptile darted across the ground in a bid to escape, but eventually, officers and rescue team managed to corner the animal.

GIF: @kibkaemati

The monitor lizard was reportedly released back into nature, according to Khaosod Online.

Netizens wonder how the lizard went upon the ceiling

After the clip was posted online by several media outlets such as Khaosod and Thairath, many Facebook users shared their comments on the post.

Screenshot: Khaosod 

Translation: 3293

One netizen shared the winning lottery number she managed to deduce from the incident.

Screenshot: Khaosod 

Translation: How could it have gone up there? Such a big boy.

Another netizen wondered how the monitor lizard went up into the ceiling.

Screenshot: Khaosod 

Translation: I used to experience the same in my house. I have to hit the wall to tell it to go away.

One Facebook user shared that she had the same experience and recommended a tip to deal with the animal squatter.

Check the ceiling again before repairing

While we feel relieved that the animal was rescued and released back to the wild safely, we barely know if there’s another giant squatter secretly living on the ceiling.

So, we recommend the house’s owner check the ceiling once more before having it repaired, just to make sure that all squatters are removed.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): Thairath, Thairath, Matichon

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