Firefighters rescue seven cats from burning house

Firefighters are among the many valuable rescuer workers that we’re thankful to have.

With their dedication to saving individuals’ lives and quick-thinking in dealing with hazardous situations there’s no question as to how they’ve won the hearts of people and why deserve to be admired as the superheroes.

Here’s the story of a firefighter team in Chiang Mai who rescued seven cats from a burning house.

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Lucky cats rescued from burning house

On 13th December 2021, the two-story house in Amornnivet Village in Chiang Mai caught on fire.

Image credit: Thairath

Fire engines from district’s municipality were dispatched to the scene to extinguish the fire, and to save the lives of seven cats that were trapped in the burning house.

Image credit: Chiang Mai News

Firefighters broke into the blazing home as soon as they arrived and successfully managed to rescue all seven felines from the flames.

Image credit: อีจัน

The seven cats were taken to the animal hospital. While four of them survived the incident, the other three, unfortunately, were reportedly pronounced dead on arrival.

Image credit: Chiang Mai News

Short circuiting caused the fire

The house’s owner told the press that he heard the explosion in front of his house and saw the fire spreading rapidly.

Image credit: Chiang Mai News

He managed to run out safely, but unfortunately couldn’t bring out his pets and any belongings from the blaze, according to อีจัน.

Image credit: Chiang Mai News

The fire was believed to have been caused by an electrical short circuit resulting from microwave that was left plugged in.

Image credit: Chiang Mai News

The blaze was contained after an hour, but the house was completely burned down.

Netizens praise the rescuers for their bravery

After the story was circulated on social media, there were tonnes of comments from netizens praising the firefighters for their bravery in saving the cats’ lives.

Screenshot: อีจัน

Translation: I wish you guys a very happy and prosperous life. We hope you have good health, and pray that all the cats were safe. 

One netizen sent her good wishes to both the firefighters and the rescued animals.

Screenshot: อีจัน

Translation: Thank you on behalf of the cats. LOVELOVE

Another netizen commented a thankful message from the POV of the cats that were saved from the blaze.

Screenshot: อีจัน

Translation: You guys are heroes. LOVE, RESPECT

One Facebook user even dubbed the firefighters “superheroes”.

We really hope that those little four cats will recover from their injury soon and all the three cats will rest in peace.

Don’t for get to unplug electrical appliances

These firefighters who saved the cats’ lives from a burning house are not just rescue workers; we consider them to also be real-life superheroes.

One important lesson we can learn from this incident is that we should unplug all of our electrical appliances before leaving the house. While it may be a hassle, it’s always better to prevent unexpected accidents than to sort out the problems that follow accidental fires.

We’re thankful that this team were able to save these cats amidst a very difficult situation.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): Chiang Mai News, อีจัน

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