Missing otter reunites with owner

Certain animals are said to be unable to grasp the idea of having an owner.

While some people – cat owners – may believe this to be true, the saying above doesn’t necessarily mean that animals cannot remember the person they have spent good times with.

Here’s the story of a famous otter in Chumphon who showed us the power that memories can have on the strength of a bond between an animal and his owner.

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Thai otter reunites with its owner

On 9th December 2021, the story of Thai otter named “Deu” reuniting with his long-lost owner became viral on TikTok in Thailand.

This heart-warming reunion was recorded and uploaded by Thai TikToker, @Siriwan040541. The post has over 586K likes at the time of writing.

GIF: @Siriwan040541

The clip saw the man holding his beloved otter in his arms after not having seen him for a year.

Screenshot: @Siriwan040541

It only took the animal one glance to recognize his owner, after which Deu quickly jumped onto his chest, said the camerawoman.

Deu also made a loud noise, which the owners believe to be a sign of how much he missed his family.

Now, let’s see how this adorable otter became the family member of its owner.

Deu amasses more than 2M TikTok followers

The TikToker also posted a series of videos showing Deu’s cuteness on her account.

GIF: @Siriwan040541

With his friendliness and cheerful behavior, this adorable otter won hearts of many netizens – garnering more than 2 million TikTok followers.

The story of Deu began when he was rescued from being murdered by his current owner, who decided to adopt and raise him from then on.

Screenshot: @Siriwan040541

Reunited with his family, Deu can also get along well with his other four-legged family members: he became fast friends with the cat, boar, and dog.

GIF: @Siriwan040541

This unlikely trio formed a fast friendship, and even cuddle together.

With so much cuteness, we’re not surprised that over two million people follow his journey.

Netizens react and share their comments on the cuteness of the otter

Many netizens shared their thoughts on the cute behaviors of Deu and his friends.

Image credit: @Siriwan040541

Translation: How my pets at home cannot get along with one another LOL? We have dogs, cats, a chipmunk, and a guinea pig.

One netizen wondered why her animals cannot form friendships with each other, and seemed jealous of Deu’s relationship with his four-legged friends.

Image credit: @Siriwan040541

Translation: So cute, he must have been missing his owner so much. If the otter didn’t meet his owner that fateful day, he wouldn’t be here today.

Image credit: @Siriwan040541

Translation: Despite 1 year absence of his owner, he still remembers who saved his life.

Other netizens shared their heartwarming thoughts on the reunion between the otter and his owner.

Good experiences also remain in animals’ long-term memories

We’re ecstatic to hear the heartwarming story of this otter reuniting with its owner and quickly adjusting to becoming a part of the big family.

To conclude, it’s clear that it’s not only humans who can remember the great experiences we have our pets, but those memories also remain in animals’ long-term memory.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): @Siriwan040541, @Siriwan040541

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