A difficult decision to save others

With the belief of reincarnation and the afterlife, most Thai people refuse to donate their bodies or organs after death as they are afraid of being born with disabilities. 

However, this touching story of a Thai girl and her family’s decision might change your attitude towards organ donations. 

Family had to make an important decision

Girl donates organs
Image credit: อีจัน

On 29th September 2020, 14-year-old Rapeepat “Ploy” Sookyoi was in a car accident which hurt her head and led to brain damage. 

Girl donates organs
Image credit: อีจัน

So, her mother decided to donate Ploy’s organs to other patients who have been hopefully waiting for miracles to happen. She thought that this would lead her daughter to some good places in her life after death.

Girl donates organs
Image credit: TrueID

The organs being donated included her liver, both kidneys, and heart valve which can save over 6 lives. Her organs will go to other patients as soon as possible. 

Girl donates organs
Medical workers thank her for being a donor
Image credit: อีจัน

This is the biggest gift for those six patients and their loved ones who will be overjoyed to hear of this touching sacrifice.

Only a piece of body organ can mean a whole life 

Organ donation in Thailand
Image credit: The Thai Red Cross Society

Aside from the belief in an afterlife, some people also think that medical workers won’t work hard to save their lives if they are known to be organ donors. 

However, that is just a misconception. As an organ donor, you still have the full rights to live and access to medical treatment. Moreover, you will be honoured as a giver even when you leave this world. 

We don’t mean to say that such beliefs are wrong, but we shouldn’t let any misconceptions distract us from good causes for others. Besides donating your organs to others, you can also donate them to science to help doctors and scientists with medical research.

If you are interested in organ donation in Thailand, you can contact The Thai Red Cross Society via a phone call at 1664 or fill an online application on their website.  

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