Charity project to help homeless folks in Thailand

Charity project to help homeless PeopleImages adapted from: มูลนิธิกระจกเงา

Many people around Thailand have been forced into homelessness due to economic difficulties and family problems. Most of them have resorted to being beggars or trash collectors to make a living, especially those aged over 50 years old that don’t meet requirements to join companies.

The Mirror Foundation is working on tackling this problem and is aiming to make this situation better with the “Hire Me” project. With this idea, we can support homeless folks by hiring them to do housework, for which they will be paid.    

Over 40 homeless people have joined the campaign 

Hire Me project helps Thai homeless people
Image credit: มูลนิธิกระจกเงา

Homeless people do want to work and get paid for a better life, but sometimes lack the proper qualifications to get jobs, especially older folks.

With the aim to improve social welfare, The Mirror Foundation has come up with an idea to find a job for those homeless people in order for them to afford some food and essentials.

Hire Me project helps Thai homeless people
Image credit: มูลนิธิกระจกเงา

The project is named Hire Me or Jang Warn Ka (จ้างวานข้า) which allows people to hire homeless people to work as cleaners. 

On 14th July 2020, they started their first job by cleaning the skywalk around the Victory Monument. See how hardworking they were in this video here

Only homeless people without any psychiatric illnesses are allowed to enrol, and there are around 40 people as part of the campaign now. Those who need psychiatric help will undergo treatments with the help of other organisations instead. 

Charity project to help homeless People
Image credit: มูลนิธิกระจกเงา

If you are interested in supporting or and employing them, you can contact the organisation directly on their Facebook page or call them at +66 91 046 8598.   

The project gives us the opportunity to help and support the less fortunate. Even if this amount of income might not be enough for them to afford housing for now, it still gives them a chance to afford food and essentials along with encouragement and a reason to live their lives. 

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