Fakafei is a pet-friendly vintage-style shophouse

If you look closely, you can really see touches of Chinese architecture and customs throughout Thailand. Take shophouses, for example. Stepping through the double wooden doors with traditional calligraphy above it, you’d almost forget that some of them are in Thailand.

One of our favourite of these establishments if Fakafei, a vintage Sino-esque shophouse with unpainted walls that’s decorated with retro furniture. It also happens to be pet-friendly.

If that isn’t enough to convince you to head over, then read on.

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Fakafei is an 80 year-old shophouse in Bangkok

Fakafei is a pet-friendly vintage-style shophouse that’s been hiding in the corners of Bangkok’s Chaloem Khet 4 district for over 80 years.

Visitors are immediately met with old-timey Chinese double doors that are decorated with traditional art and surrounded by hanging lanterns and potted plants.

Image credit: @cafehoppingbangkok

We don’t know what standing in front of a good ole’ Chinese tea house feels like, but we imagine it’s the sensation that you’d get standing before traditional shutters and inhaling the wafting aromas of strong tea.

fakafeiImage credit: @rattomarty

The inside of the cafe evokes even more old-timey vibes than its exterior. The unpainted concrete walls and unpaved floors remind us of the shophouses featured in films like The Good Earth but also delivers a sense of urban design.

You can really see the symbiosis between classic and modern the further you venture into Fakafei.

fakafeiImage credit: @rattomarty

Just check out how they managed to make antique furniture, slatted ceilings and hard-hill roofs come together at their counter.

Image credit: @paidonnnn

With their old-fashioned set-up and dimmed yellow lighting, it almost feels as if we’re in the hey-day of old school Siam.

fakafeiImage credit: @aradat

Those who are always hungry for more cultural elements will be thrilled to hear that the upstairs portion of Fakafei is an art gallery.

Image credit: @aradat

Cultural enrichment for your pupper

We never expected that the heritage cafes and puppies would mix, so it seems that Fakafei has surprised us yet again.

The owners of Fakafei are proud paw-rents of two French Bulldogs who are ready to welcome both two-legged and four-legged friends.

Image credit: @tong_phongch

So, take note, doggie parents. If you’re looking for a place to foster your fur-baby‘s sense of art, culture and history, then look no further than this vintage shophouse.

Image credit: @mhasongbai

After spending too much time at home during the lockdown, it’s time to go out and about. We’re sure your four-legged family members can also use a change of scenery.

Image credit: @bordercolliechico

Plus, they can also find new friends in the Fakafei Frenchies, and other visiting pets.

Image credit: @piano_doublep

Iced tea mocktails & coconut ice cream to beat the heat

Most days in Bangkok are warm, humid, and sunny. This weather combination makes us crave air conditioning as well as something sweet, icy and refreshing.

You can find both of these at Fakafei. If you’re drenched with sweat after basking in Bangkok’s sun, get a taste of their cooling Sweet Osmanthus Tea ฿160 (~USD5). The beverage is a mocktail that uses traditional Chinese tea as one of the main ingredients.

Image credit: Fa Ka Fei ฟา คา เฟย 发咖啡

If you’re looking for something cold – ice cold – their Si Kok ฿160 (~USD6), which is a coconut flavoured icey goodie, should do the trick.

Image credit: @monnapa_bee

Explore different cultures right here in Bangkok

Believe it or not, Thailand is actually not a monolithic nation. While not always talked about, the Land of Smiles consists of multiple ethnicities who contribute to the country’s rich culture that people from all over the world travel to see.

As much as most of us are itching to take out or passport and explore different aspects in other countries, we can temporarily scratch that itch by exploring the different heritage spots that our city has to offer.

Opening Hours: 10.30AM – 6.30PM, Tues – Sun  (Closed on Monday)
Address: 99, Chalermkhate 4 Wat Thepsirin, Pom Prap Sattru Phai, Bangkok 10100
Telephone: +66 3 969 2449

Fakafei Website | Google Maps

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Left):  @rattomarty, @aradat, Pasinee via Wongnai

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