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The vibe many big factories evoke is often characterised by stress and strenuous working conditions – from ash, to gunk and grit – we usually don’t associate manufacturing plants with relaxation and aesthetically pleasing decor.

So, imagine our surprise when we saw that EasternGlass Manufacturer has turned a part of their factory into a cafe that looks like a Hogwarts’ classroom.

Read on to see how the glassware manufacturer magically transformed a portion of their industrial plant into a cozy and rustic cafe.

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EasternGlass Manufacturer has a cafe that’s serving Harry Potter vibes

EasternGlass Manufacturer’s cafe section is composed of exposed brick, industrial ware and woody decor that creates an atmosphere worthy of witchcraft and sorcery. 

While the large, immobile equipment does kind of evoke “Game of Thrones” vibes, the ubiquitous glassware likens the cafe more to the Potion’s Classroom from Harry Potter.

The real Harry Potter potions classroom is on the right by the way
Adapted images from: @easternglass (Left), Deviant Art (Right)

Located on the outskirts of Bangkok in Bang Khae, EasternGlass Manufacturer will take Potterheads to Hogwarts, saving them the need to buy a plane ticket and apply for a visa to Great Britain. 

Image credit: @ppair

While patrons order their brewed umber, they can also marvel at the rest of the establishment.

Image credit: @nan_jark

The rustic interior is definitely the highlight, but the cafe’s exterior is also worth noting.

Image credit: EasternGlass Manufacturer Co., Ltd

EasternGlass Manufacturer’s exterior is primarily composed of glass panes situated along dark wooden frames that makes the plant look like a place where Hogwarts’ Herbology classes would be conducted – the curriculum is usually placed in a greenhouse.

Herbology class is on the right.
Adapted images from: @pppampamm (Left), Pinterest (Right)

A mini-museum of potion bottles *oops* we mean “glassware”

While the cafe section is what most people visit EasternGlass Manufacturer for, it’s also worth mentioning that the plant is one of few-remaining factories that make their glass by hand. 

Image credit: @yuka_s_jpn

The family-owned business has been designing, manufacturing and selling their products locally and overseas since the 1950s – they’re quite popular in Europe too.

Considering their impressive resume, it should come as no surprise that the factory also has a section that looks like a mini-museum for glassware. 

This simple glasswork warehouse-like plant can be turned into a playground for with a camera lens.
Image credit: @lookparasi

Starting from only ฿35 (~USD1) per piece, any interested visitor will be able to grab one of these high-quality glassworks and bring them home. From bright and ravishing bowls to dark to clear goblets, a variety of options await you.

Image credit: @jeanjeanparks

While taking your time and browsing through their warehouse, you’ll notice that each piece serves its own purpose. In case you need new bowl sets for dinner, you’ll definitely find what you need at EasternGlass Manufacturer.

Although, if you’re just here for the food, then read on for our recs.

Their coffee menu includes classic baked goods

Classic baked goods like the golden brown le croissant are favoured by many, due to their subtle buttery tastes and light puffy texture. So, of course, this magical cafe carries them – you can snag a croissant here for ฿80 (~USD3).

Image credit: EasternGlass Manufacturer Co., Ltd

To create a perfect pair, we’d recommend that guests also grab an Iced Caffe Latte ฿120 (~USD4).

Image credit: TeakaDET via Wongnai

If you don’t fancy any cups of Joe, EasternGlass Manufacturer also offers other bevs – just check out their non-coffee menu. You can also opt for their Iced Matcha Latte ฿120 (~USD4).

Image credit: ChubbyMay via Wongnai

A glass manufacturing plant with lots to marvel at 

While it’d be difficult to step into the world of Harry Potter without flying to London, EasternGlass Manufacturer offers some Harry Pottery corners and multiple potion bottles for you to bring home.

Even if you aren’t a Potterhead, EasternGlass Manufacturer’s ambience should give you a short getaway from Thailand with its rustic decor – it’s like going to a new country but within the same country.

EasternGlass Manufacturer Co., Ltd
Opening Hours: 8.30AM – 5PM, Daily
Address: 480 Petchkasem Rd, Bang Khae Nuea, Bang Khae, Bangkok 10160
Telephone: +66 2 804 3244

EasternGlass Manufacturer Co., Ltd Website | Google Maps

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Left): Eastern Glass Manufacturer, @easternglass, @vanilla_creamii

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