Elephant climbs onto car at Khao Yai National Park

Images adapted from: Matichon

Driving through a quiet forest might sound like a peaceful thing to do, but sometimes your leisurely drive can be unexpectedly disturbed by an uninvited guest – like this poor tourist.

This terrifying incident took place along a small road at Khao Yai National Park in Nakhon Ratchasima, where the drivers often see elephants walking around.

Last week, a video went viral among Thai netizens. It showed a big elephant walking around a tourist car. But a moment later, the big guy started to climb onto the back of the vehicle, with the car ending up under his belly because he was too big.

Car was damaged but the driver was safe

The rear windshield was broken, as seen in the video
Image credit: Matichon

At the end of the video, the car managed to slowly move away from the elephant. The back of the car’s roof had collapsed, shattering the rear windshield as a result.

Another driver managed to capture the scene
Image credit: Matichon

From the video, it didn’t seem like the elephant was aggressive or like it meant to cause harm. Rather, it seemed to be playing with the car – which was sadly enough to cause some damage

National Park shares safety rules for drivers

Following the news, Khao Yai National Park reminded visitors and drivers of some important rules that will keep us safe when driving through the national park with elephants around:

Image credit: Thaipbs

  • The distance between your car and the elephants should be at least 30 metres. Gently drive away if they move closer to you. 
  • Always have the engine turned on.
  • Always turn on the headlights at night. Do not turn on the blinker.
  • Never pull over and get close to the elephants.
  • If you turn off the engine, there’s a high chance that elephants will touch the car.
  • If a car in front of you starts driving backward, do the same so you don’t block them.
  • In the case you are being surrounded by elephants, move your car towards the direction with the least number of them. 
  • Do not just stop to look at elephants.
  • Do not honk at them or make loud noises.
  • Do not use the flash when taking pictures.

If you’re passing by, just remember to follow the rules accordingly and stay calm for your own safety and other passengers in the car!

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