Dog refuses to move from car roof

Dogs are man’s best friend – but that doesn’t mean our best friends can’t give us a headache. Take this white Siberian Husky who had jumped onto a random car’s roof…and refused to get down. 

On 19th August 2019, a Facebook user named รุ่ง วงษ์ชัยเดช posted photos of the dog, which climbed onto a woman’s car roof. He got up there by climbing from the car’s hood while she was picking up her child from school. The post has since gotten more than 2,000 comments and 4,000 shares.

Refused to get off even when the car was moving

This lady then tried to slowly move the car, thinking that the dog would be scared and jump off – but yet, he wouldn’t budge. She then called the police to the scene for help.  

sip saen stubborn dog 2

The dog was too busy being cute to care!
Image credit: รุ่ง วงษ์ชัยเดช

Local policemen tried to get the dog down by both calling and shouting at him, but he wouldn’t move. Instead, he stayed seated majestically. At one point, they attempted to lure the pup down with food, which he ate but still wouldn’t come down anyway.

After more than an hour of waiting, the car’s owner decided to slowly and carefully drive back to the village where the dog had jumped up from that was 500 metres away. And to everybody’s relief, the bad boy finally climbed down once the car stopped.  

sip saen stubborn dog driving

The dog being driven back to its neighbourhood
Image credit: รุ่ง วงษ์ชัยเดช

Perhaps the dog felt familiar with the environment since it was his neighbourhood, so he came down without hesitation.

Climbing on the car roof is Sip Saen’s Hobby

After the post had gone viral, Khaosod paid a visit to the dog’s house but no one was at home, so they interviewed locals in the neighbourhood instead. 

One neighbour revealed that the dog’s name is Sip Saen (meaning “1 million” in Thai). He also revealed that Sip Saen is a friendly dog and his favourite hobby is to chill on his owner’s car roof. Sometimes, he even jumps on neighbours’ cars for fun.

Netizens are loving Sip Saen

Lots of people chimed in the comment section and expressed their love for stubborn Sip Saen. Some even teased his pose, saying that he looked like a very arrogant dog. 

sip saen stubborn dog comment

Translation: Wow…what a superstar! Looking so arrogant. LOL.


sip saen stubborn dog comment 2

Translation: Very elegant!


sip saen stubborn dog comment 3

Translation: He has good balance


A well-known Thai writer Wongthanong Chainarongsing tweeted a meme comparing Sip Saeng’s posture and Hachiko’s statue in Shibuya.

sip saen stubborn dog meme

Image credit: @wongthanong

It’s obvious that Sip Saen is really looking majestic and super cute in those photos, but we hope he stays away from strangers’ cars from now on – especially during rush hour!

Cover images adapted from: รุ่ง วงษ์ชัยเดช

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