Thailand’s cricket powder

Thai folks have been known to enjoy fried insects as a snack for a long time, but right now Thailand is sending out a cricket protein powder to countries in the EU, Japan, and China as it is now a popular alternative food.

The world is reportedly consuming around 100 billion tonnes of cricket powder per year.

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While some of you might already feel disgusted, cricket powder actually has little to no taste and almost no scent according to Food Navigator. Being able to replace traditional flour, it can be made into all kinds of snacks.

Right now, Thailand has around 20,000 cricket farms, producing 7,000 tonnes of cricket each year for both international and local markets.

Food of the future

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Insects are also called ‘Novel food’ or food of the future as they provide higher protein than any kind of meat while requiring much less time and energy to farm them.

The traditional animal agriculture industry is known for producing a lot of CO2 emissions each year, contributing to global warming.

Apart from being rich in protein, cricket powder also contains carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitaminB1, and vitamin B.

Eating insects went from ‘ew’ to ‘awesome’ over the years thanks to its great advantages for both health and the environment. Let’s give it a try!

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Featured image adapted from: Get Rid of Crickets, Bangkok Banks ME

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