Dancing against Novel Coronavirus

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The Novel Coronavirus situation in Thailand remains worrisome, making many organisations activate plans to keep the virus under control

Better safe than sorry, Mr. Thatchakorn Hatthathayakul, the provincial governor of Buriram, declared that the province will be on lockdown from 16th March 2020 onwards, although there have been no cases reported in the province so far. 

Buriram was quiet after the official lockdown announcement was made
Image credit: Surachai Piragsa

To make sure the locals remain safe, he activated several policies aimed towards combating the virus, such as screening any entries into the city. Locals were also asked to take the necessary precautions and stay alert during this time.

However, one little Buriram local had a slightly different plan up his sleeves.

Little boy dances against the Coronavirus

One of his many moves

Best-known for his performance while dancing for rain last year, Soranan “Ben-Ten” Nukijram returned to his stage in front of the same spirit house again. This time around, our little boy performed with hopes of wiping the curse of the Novel Coronavirus away from Thailand.

He hopes it would help wash bad things away
Image credit: thairath

His grandmother mentioned in an interview with Thairath that it’s a local belief to soothe the worries of the people around them. 

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Even though Ben Ten’s dancing might actually not help fight the virus, he hopes those watching him will feel happy and be in a better mood during this tough time.

Ben Ten gains tonnes of positive comments again

After his performance was shared on the internet, he received tonnes of encouraging comments and likes from netizens.

Translation: I wish it turns out well, little Ben Ten!

Translation: Dance [to get] all the bad things out of our country

As his first performance did well and brought about heavy rain till it flooded in Thailand last year, some netizens had high hopes for his dance this year.

But whether it works or not, we’re glad to see Ben Ten’s dancing spread smiles all across Thailand. 

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