Little boy dances for rainy weather 

benten dancing

Image adapted from: Jay Tossapon Meephon 

When the rain doesn’t seem to be doing it’s job and, well, rain, Thai people perform traditional rituals of worship in hopes of wet weather. These practices vary depending on location. 

However, this little boy from Buriram Province has changed the game. He came up with the idea to dance in front of a traditional spirit house in order to “beg” for rainy weather. 

benten dances for rain


Netizens hope the gods appreciate his dancing

boy dances for rain

One of his many moves

The rain has been quite intermittent around the country lately, so Ben-Ten – the adorable dancer we speak of – decided to come up with his own way to solve the problem. His dancing was recorded and uploaded by Facebook user Jay Tossapon Meephon, and he has since received a downpour of positive comments from viewers. 

If you cannot imagine how much fun he’s having, check this video out with audio on.

benten comment 2

Translation: May the angels make his wishes come true!

benten comment

Translation: I hope the angels like his dancing – or else we’re going to have a drought.

Someone even came up with more ideas to beg for rain, which a lot of us can relate to. 

benten comment 3

Translation: It’s really easy to beg for rain, and this method has been proven to work 100%. Just have your car washed – it will rain the next day. You can try!


Spreading good vibes, one move at a time

Traditional rituals have been taking place for a long time, and will continue as long as people still believe in them. However, it is not always about supernatural or sacred beliefs – these ceremonies are also a chance for people to spend time together, and contribute to the local culture in neighbourhoods.

For example, some groups in Northeast Thailand carry out Hae Nang Maew – or cat worship. Villagers run a vivid parade, with the highlight being a black cat in a cage that is carried around. However in today’s day and age, many don’t like the idea of seeing an animal trapped in a cage, so the locals have improvised:

thai rain tradition

A soft toy is used these days in place of a real cat
Image credit: thaich8

As for Ben-Ten, we hope he continues having fun and putting a smile on people’s faces. Let’s see if it rains too, since he wants it so bad!

And if there are heavy rains in the Buriram region, we all will know who caused it. 😉