Coffin appears at wedding

Weddings are a big day meant for people to celebrate their cherished relationships, and pledge eternal love to each other.

Every couple has their idea of a suitable wedding theme – like this Thai couple who had a coffin on display at their wedding. 

So, why would any couple use such an unimaginable prop in their wedding? Here’s the story.

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Couple believes the coffin’s presence will bring eternal love

The love birds, Mr. Jakrut Namwised and Ms. Pornticha Ruengrum, believe that the coffin will bring them eternal love. It is also a tribute to how they met. These two came to know each other while working at the same coffin manufacturing company, according to Thai Smile Variety.

These images were uploaded to the wedding photographer’s Facebook page, Kan Pho To on 20th June 2021.

coffin-appears-at-weddingImage credit: Kan Pho To

The bride chose the coffin’s colour based on which shade would best go with the flowers.

The wedding photos showed the bride and the groom standing next to a coffin wearing Thai traditional wedding garments.

coffin-appears-at-weddingImage credit: Kan Pho To

Other unique weddings in Thailand

Besides the coffin taking centre stage at this ceremony, there have been other unique weddings in Thailand.

This scuba diving couple got married underwater in Trang province – a popular location for underwater weddings since the 1990s, according to Fan Club Thailand.

Image credit: Fan Club Thailand

In September 2013, a couple received the Guinness World Record for holding the world’s deepest underwater wedding at 130M in Trang.

Freedom to choose your wedding theme

We would never have imagined seeing funeral objects being used as props at weddings, but this story has one clear takeaway.

Mr. Jakrut Namwised and Ms. Pornticha Ruengrum’s successful wedding ceremony proves that everyone has the freedom to choose wedding themes that suit their liking

This is true even if the décor isn’t considered mainstream or traditionally popular, but hold significant value to the couple. We wish the newlyweds a blissful marriage ahead.

Cover images adapted from: Kan Pho To

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