Chicken-duck hybrid in Thailand

Cross-species breeding is not such crazy news to the world today, even though it definitely is not something we see happening everyday.

Recently in a Thai local’s home, it took two chicks to hatch out of duck eggs for the owner to realise that the father was a rooster, raising many brows nationwide.

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Natural cross-breeding

On 11th April 2021, after hearing a rumour that there was a rare occurrence of a natural “love miracle” between a male chicken and a female duck in Buri Ram province, a reporter visited the local’s home to search for the truth, according to Sanook.

Upon arrival, surprisingly tailing closely behind the mother duck was a baby that resembled a chick.

mother duck baby chick
Image credit: Sanook

The 70-year-old owner of the birds, Mrs. Nak Chawuram, revealed that in her years of rearing chickens and ducks, this was her first time seeing a natural and successful cross-breed of the two birds.

local woman duck
Image credit: Sanook

Although Mrs. Chawuram had seen the rooster walking beside the duck earlier, she had no suspicions as she thought it was simple animal behaviour. When the rooster jumped onto the duck in an attempt to mate, however, she gave it a little thought before shrugging it off again for the same reason.

Not so long after, the duck laid 22 “duck eggs” – confirmed by the owner herself as she checked – before hatching out two chicks from the whole clutch. Unfortunately, one did not make it through.

A neighbour, Mrs. Thongdaeng Deebuapha, also confirmed that she had seen the rooster and the duck hanging around each other a lot and wasn’t puzzled until a chick came out of one of her eggs; she still wonders if it is possible.

chicken duck chick
The rooster can be seen keeping a close eye on the mother duck and baby chick.
Image credit: Sanook

It’s certainly a baffling and an amusing story you don’t hear a lot in Thailand.

Romeo rooster and Juliet duck

It is an uncommon event when two seemingly normal animals end up cross-breeding – especially when it ends up successful. However, what this proves to us is that animals can love despite differences in appearance just as much as hoomans do.

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Cover images adapted from: Sanook

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