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Chatuchak Weekend Market, also known as JJ Market, is a massive bazaar that Thais and tourists frequent every weekend. Since COVID-19 hit, however, the market has seen a 50% reduction in Thai customers, which has greatly affected the livelihoods of those operating over 10,000 shops.

In an effort to make the market flourish again, the Thai government has given the green light for the market to increase its opening days and extend its operating hours starting this April.

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World’s largest weekend market

Before the pandemic, Chatuchak Weekend Market was an ever-bustling marketplace with shoppers teeming through its indoor and outdoor sections; it is widely accepted to be the largest weekend market in the world with around 15,000 shops divided into roughly 27 zones. 

shopkeeper pouring tea
Image credit: Culture Trip

It’s a bartering market where you can find anything from food, clothes, souvenirs to antiques, plants, and even pets.

china at chatuchak
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As its name suggests, the market’s operating hours were limited to the weekends, which wasn’t a problem for vendors, as approximately 200,000 shoppers visited JJ Market per week.

However, Covid-19 and social distancing has made visiting the once vibrant market a little difficult, until now. The government will allow Chatuchak to open up to six days a week with extended opening hours – till 6PM from Tuesday through Thursday and till 10PM from Friday to Sunday. Events and activities – like pop-up festivals – will also be held on a weekly basis to inject life back into the Chatuchak community, as reported by WorkpointTODAY.

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Additionally, particular sections are also being revamped to allow more walking space, which solves the previous inaccessibility to some stalls while addressing social distancing concerns.

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The goal is to open this April, however, 2020 has taught us that there could always be changes. So, stay tuned for updates.

How to get there

JJ Market sits in a very convenient spot. With parking lots available, you can either drive your way there or grab a ride like a taxi or tuk-tuk. For train riders, you can get down at either MRT Chatuchak Park or BTS Mo Chit before walking a few minutes to the entrance.

Chatuchak park
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While you’re there, you can also stop by Chatuchak Park to ride a bike or sit under a tree while taking in the serenity.

Bring back market weekend time

We’re looking forward to the new JJ Market with hopes that it will bring back our weekly fun at the market, and restore a sense of normalcy in Bangkok. 

Chatuchak Weekend Market
Opening Hours: Fri-Sun 5AM – 6PM
Address: Kamphaeng Phet 2 Rd, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900
Telephone: +66-2-2724813
Nearest Train Station: BTS Mo Chit or MRT Chatuchak Park
Website | Google Maps

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Cover images adapted from: Culture Trip (Left & Right), Agoda (Centre)

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