Boy Wears Amulets & Carries Buddha Statue, Hopes To Be Safe From Pfizer’s Side Effects

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Boy wears amulets to take Pfizer vaccine

We have been taught from an early age that if we want to ward off evil spirits, wearing amulets can bring us protection.

In Thailand, we have also heard of stories about people surviving an accident with the help of sacred objects.

Even though some people may not believe in the power of amulets, this latest story of a Thai student who brought sacred items for protection from the Pfizer vaccine’s side effects may just change your mind on the issue.

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Student wears amulets for Pfizer vaccine protection

amulets pfizerGIF: marktoy_43 

On 15th October 2021, a Thai student at Anukoolnaree School in Kalasin was spotted wearing a bunch of amulets and carrying a Buddha statue while getting his first jab of the Pfizer vaccine.

While waiting in line for vaccination, he remained calm and sat still – in a position that closely resembled the Buddha statue in his hand.

This was captured in a viral TikTok video uploaded on the student’s TikTok account @marktoy_43.

เรื่องวุ่นไปของวัยรุ่นไฟเซอร์ #pfizer

เรื่องวุ่นไปของวัยรุ่นไฟเซอร์ #pfizer

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What made us laugh was not only the pious student’s decision, but also the nurse’s reaction to the Buddha statue.

A nurse “wais” the Buddha statue before vaccinating the student

amulets pfizer
GIF: marktoy_43 

Some netizens noticed one of the nurses pressing her hands together in a “wai” – a sign of her great reverence for the Buddha statue – before she inoculated the student.

Her reaction happened to intrigue several netizens and media outlets about how sacred the Buddha statue is.

According to Sanook, the student didn’t suffer any side effects after getting his first jab of Pfizer.

Netizens made hilarious comments on the clip

After the clip was uploaded on TikTok last Friday, it garnered 6.2 million views within 5 days. Many viewers shared their funny comments on the viral video.

amulets pfizer

Screenshot: marktoy_43

Netizen 1: I forgot to wear amulets when I got vaccinated.
Netizen 2: Me too.

amulets pfizer

Screenshot: marktoy_43

Translation: I wonder if the syringe can inject him.

One viewer hilariously wondered aloud if the talisman and the Buddha statue could have made the owner invulnerable to sharp objects like syringe needles. 

We’re just glad that the boy managed to find the courage to bravely get his vaccine like the rest of his classmates.

Wearing a talisman for peace of mind

Though we’re not sure if bringing sacred objects along to our vaccine appointments will help us ward off side effects from any vaccine, we know that wearing an amulet may put our minds at ease.

The next time you get inoculated, however, do remember not to wear or carry talismans that are too powerful.

Just in case the nurse may not be able to use the syringe to inject our arms.

Cover images adapted from: @marktoy_43

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