Kamen Rider amulets in 2021

For many, the words “Kamen Rider” evoke memories of watching a motorcycle-riding and crime fighting superhero who somewhat resembles an insect on the family TV.

While those recollections may be a thing of the past, it’s now possible to carry a souvenir from your childhood days with you in the form of a sacred Kamen Rider totem.

Sounds too good to be true? Read on and find out how you can get your hands on a piece of your youth.

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Kamen Rider amulets are available for pre-order

Kamen Rider shaped venerated amulets will be available on 31st August 2021. To bring you more chok – good fortune – you’d have to recite the charm’s unique prayer that’s written on the box.

A Kamen Rider amulet costs ฿200 (~USD6), excluding shipping.

The items and their drop dates were announced on Facebook page, เครื่องราง มนต์ ครู นพเก้า วัตถุมงคล ทุกสาย, earlier this month. Actually, the page is a whole community dedicated to amulets made in various shapes other than typical Buddha images.  

Images adapted from: เครื่องราง มนต์ ครู นพเก้า วัตถุมงคล ทุกสาย

If you wish to get one, you can contact the merchant directly.

What is a Kamen Rider? 

Created by Japanese artists, a Kamen Rider is a character that resembles a grasshopper, but with a buff human-like stature. Their mission is to fight crime.

They aren’t very popular anymore, and we get why.  While the creators are still releasing new content, the Kamen Rider franchise began all they way back in 1971.

That being said, we’d recommend giving Kamen Rider a shot. Each episode and volume has a new story plot and different way of presenting these heroes – in some editions, you’ll witness a group of them together dressed differently, yet we address them as Kamen Riders.

Kamen Riders
Image credit: Mr. Pound Music Shop

The next drama series will be released in 2023, as announced by the director of Shin Kamen Rider.

Image credit: MGR Online

Japanese anime for our childhood memories

Whether you grew up watching Japanese anime or knew people who did, we’re sure you can attest to just how ubiquitous this type of content was, and still is.

Maybe watching people close to our age save the world is what made the genre so appealing.

Whatever it is, the Kamen Rider series is a clear example of a franchise that continues to resonate with its fanbase, despite its age.

Are there any anime characters you’d like to see made into an amulet? 

Cover images adapted from: เครื่องราง มนต์ ครู นพเก้า วัตถุมงคล ทุกสาย

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