Touching reunion in Thailand

banknote with sentimental valueImage adapted from: Kamin Chochaithip

Have you ever found random scribblings on a banknote? Sometimes, it can be a random number, abbreviations, or even a message. 

One Thai man found an unexpected message on a random bill he got from an ATM – the message is so touching, he decided to look for the person who wrote it. 

“My child gave me this for the first time” 

A Facebook user named Kamin Chochaithip posted a picture of a banknote with a message on it and asked netizens to share it, as he wanted to send it back to the person who wrote it. 

banknote with sentimental value
“Please share this post”

Mr. Kamin said that he got the bill from an ATM and noticed that there was a message on it when he was paying for food. He asked the note back from the seller and used another ฿100 bill instead in order to read what the note said. 

It’s included a date, signature, and a touching note that read: “My child gave me [this note] for the first time”.

banknote with sentimental valueImage credit: Kamin Chochaithip

After he read it, he felt that this was something special with sentimental value to the person who probably wrote the message. These difficult times might have forced the owner to use or lose it, so Mr. Kamin decided to look for the original owner.

With the power of social media, he was able to find the person who wrote it and reunited the person with the note. 

The owner of this banknote is uncle Vichai Chaiseansuk who later revealed to Dailynews that he got the banknote when his child started working and got their first salary. He loves to collect such things because it reminds him of his good old days. 

banknote with sentimental value
The uncle commented under the post that he was the owner of the bill and also gave his contact and address

He had lost this bill when he changed his wallet. He added that he was really happy that this precious banknote was coming back to him. 

Touched the hearts of Thai netizens

Due to the economic situation since the pandemic, this story touched many people’s hearts. Tons of Thai netizens shared and commented under the post to praise Mr. Kamin for his kind actions. 

banknote with sentimental value

 Translation: I’m very happy for the uncle who got it back. For Mr. Kamin, you are a really good person. Wishing you all the good things in life.


banknote with sentimental value

Translation: I was driving to work and found this story. It made me cry. That’s such a valuable thing. I hope that everybody will do a good thing like this.  


We are happy that uncle Vichai got his valuable item back – this banknote is worth more than just ฿100 for sure.

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