Commute by boat in Bangkok

People tend to forget that Bangkok is one of those cities where you can commute on water. Recently, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) just opened new green canal boat routes for Khlong Saen Saep Water Bus. Each boat can hold up to 30 persons and a wheelchair. Passengers can ride for free until May 2021, after which fares will start from ฿10.

These boats won’t be as noisy and smoky like older diesel-fueled ones, as they’re electrically charged. Additionally, they are each equipped with 12 solar panels to assist the electric motors. 

New electric shuttle boats

map - E-boats
Image credit: Thailandee

There’s a total of 11 piers along Bangkok’s Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem Canal route, starting from Hua Lumphong Railway Station and ending at Dhevaraj. The boasts will stream around between 12-50 km/hour to minimise the effects of erosion along the canal banks.

Image credit: Bangkok Post

Use less cars

governor-e-boatImage credit: NNT

Bangkok has been smothered by the smog lately. Plus, driving in this city is hectic and can make your head spin.

Using accessible public transport is more convenient will surely reduce air pollution, and traffic congestions.

Khlong Phadun Krung Kasem Boat
Operating Hours: Daily 6AM – 7PM

Featured images adapted from: NNT, Bangkok Post

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