Fun way of going through Bangkok

Going through the hustle and bustle of metropolitan Bangkok can be hectic, and you’ve always got to over-prepare in case you’re going to get stuck in traffic – like going for a potty break beforehand.

Plus, depending on the jam, a 1km taxi ride around busier areas could take you up to 4 hours. Who’d enjoy that kind of ride, right?

A fun and quick way to get around is hopping on the Khlong Saen Saeb water bus (฿10 – ฿20, ~ USD 0.33 – USD 0.66).

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All aboard the BKK waterbus 


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The canal is close to the skytrain stations and big malls, so it’s very convenient for you to hop on the water bus and head to major spots around the city.

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The first boat daily leaves from Panfa Leelard Pier, with the route passing through Pratunam Pier, which is where you can transit if you’re coming from Central World. 

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You won’t be hearing any warnings about minding the gap when you’re getting on and off the waterbus; better watch your step though, especially during prime time. 

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It can get a little wobbly because of the water current, so get on with a steady grip of the handholds and make sure to give way to other passengers. 

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Unlike the skytrain and MRT, it doesn’t have a tapping system where you pay your fees either. 

They’ve got conductors with cat-like reflexes that hop and off to anchor the boat. They also walk along the side to collect passenger fees, so prepare your money with the smallest change possible to avoid taking up time and tell them where you’re going.

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Bangkok’s got plenty of Instagram-worthy spots, and riding through the canal will make you spot you a lot of them.

You can play around with perspective angles and master your Jedi photo skills by snapping quick shots while riding the water bus. 

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You could check and get off at Saphan Hua Chang Pier, where there are graffiti murals to walk alongside. This is very close to the MBK and Siam area.

Saphan Hua Chang Pier: Google Maps

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Budding photographers, sure you don’t leave your cameras behind so as to not miss out on your photo taking pilgrimage.  

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Going towards the Panfa Leelard Pier, passengers should hop off here if you want to go for pub crawls along Khao San Road or explore Old Town BKK and enjoy the sights of old buildings.

Panda Leelard Pier: Google Maps

A faster way around Bangkok

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It can be frustrating being stuck in a taxi for hours while the metre keeps going up or taking the train and feeling like you’re stuck in a can full of sardines. 

So instead, the waterbus is an ascetic, quick, and cheap way to get around,where you could explore more of Bangkok in a different way.

Transit Bangkok Khlong Boats
Operating Hours: Daily 5AM-8.30PM , Operates till 7PM on weekends

Featured images adapted from:  @daveburrdawg, @duckdaydream

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