Baan Na Kang Tong

One of my all-time favourite memories is of watching the sun rising from behind a corn field and having the light gradually set the field alight. Slowly, but surely, painting the landscape with a wondrous, golden sheen. With so many new types of vacation homes popping up, I was floored when I found something in Nan, Thailand that offered a similar premise.

Enter Baan Na Kang Tong – your very own elevated private villa where you’ll get to watch the sun paint the paddy fields golden too.

If you’re ready to have your breath taken away, read on to find out more on how exactly to get here.

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Elevated 2-storey private villas that oversee flower fields from ~USD84/night

บ้านนาก๋างโต้ง Baan Na Kang Tong. Wide Image credit: บ้านนาก๋างโต้ง Baan Na Kang Tong

For starters, there are villas. And then there is Baan Na Kang Tong with their elevated villas overlooking actual flower fields that bloom beautifully in the summer. The inside of the rooms are all designed with a simple, countryside aesthetic in mind.

Image credit: ตามติดชีวิตผีบ้า

With white sheets, translucent curtains and woody furniture complementing the warm golden hues of the sun, being in the villa may just feel like you’ve stepped into a live-action remake of a hi-so version of Home on the Range.

บ้านนาก๋างโต้ง Baan Na Kang Tong outdoorsImage credit: บ้านนาก๋างโต้ง Baan Na Kang Tong

The villas also come with gorgeous bath tubs placed strategically by the window, that allow you to look out at stunning sunrise or sunset views.

Image credit: หมีบรื้น : The Wanderer Bear

We love that their outdoor jacuzzis are draped in translucent white curtains that can be drawn or open, depending on what pic you’re taking to immortalise the moment on the ‘gram. A night in one of these gorgeous villas with a queen bed go for ฿3,500 (~USD101.19), while one of the smaller villas go for ฿2,900 (~USD83.84) during the low season.

Baan Na KAng Tong @aummiiaymnImage credit: @aummiiaymn

If you think that the villa alone is photogenic, wait till you explore the entire compound.

Golden paddy fields and aerial structures for drone shots

บ้านนาก๋างโต้ง Baan Na Kang Tong - drone shotImage credit: บ้านนาก๋างโต้ง Baan Na Kang Tong

We’re not sure if you have access to a drone, but if you’re very serious about getting this modern day ‘crop circle’ shot, definitely pack one for the trip. The asymmetry and composition of this picture will look great on any feed, even if it’s just for us non-professional photographers to appreciate.

Image credit: @kanyapak_ch

Given the excellent weather here, you could easily set up a picnic and snap some romantic pictures to capture your memories with bae. Or aim to hit the ‘golden hour’, close to dusk, where the weather is more cooling, and you’ll get that soft glow of the setting sun for natural mood lighting.

Image credit: @kanyapak_ch

As you’re exploring the compound, you’re sure to stumble across this boardwalk with bird cages that are hung up along it.

Baan Na Kang Tong Bridge Image credit: @go_out_now_or_never

They even have this beautiful bridge that oddly reminds me of Bridge To Terabithia. Once night falls, however, the place takes on an entirely different vibe altogether.

The resort is aglow with magical fairy lights once night falls

Image credit: LAZY COUP : เที่ยวเป็นคู่

Golden hour by day, the touch of fairies by night? Whether the flower fields have bloomed during your visit there, there is just something immensely ethereal about fairy lights & tiny warm spotlights lighting up the compound at night.

LAZY COUP : เที่ยวเป็นคู่ - Baan Na Kang Tong LightsImage credit: LAZY COUP : เที่ยวเป็นคู่

Honestly, just looking at these pics alone, I’d gladly trade my city lights in for these fairy lights for a little weekend getaway.

Getting to Baan Na Kang Tong 

If you’re on the lookout for your next countryside escape but want to try something a little different, this Nan resort is the place to be. Whether it’s trading in the mountain views or the forest trees for the flower fields and golden sunsets here, we believe it’s worth the little venture into something different.

While Nan is a little out of the way as a travel destination, it is approximately a 4-hour drive away from Chiang Rai and a 1-hour flight from Bangkok.

So if this sounds like something up your alley, add it to your bucket list if you’re headed to Thailand soon.

Baan Na Kang Tong
Address: 699 Moo 11 Chaiyasathan, Nan City 55000 
Opening Hours:
Sun-Fri, Open 24 hours 
Telephone: +66 8 6654 4564
Baan Na Kang Tong Facebook | Instagram | Google Maps

Cover images adapted from: @kanyapak_ch, บ้านนาก๋างโต้ง Baan Na Kang Tong@aummiiaymn

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