This Nan Resort Has All-Glass Scandinavian-Style Cottages With Private Outdoor Tubs

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Baan Tarn Mork

As far as resorts go, Baan Tarn Mork is definitely one that will make your friends go: Omg where is that?

Situated in Sapan, Thailand, Baan Tarn Mork is a hidden gem tucked away in the mountains with all-glass scandinavian-style cottages that will make you the centre of everyone’s envy. With the floor-to-ceiling windows truly giving me Norway-desperate-for-northern-lights vibes, this luxury hotel is one that you don’t want to miss out on.

So if you’re looking to add another bookmark to your ultimate Thailand escape, read on to find out more about this quaint cottage-style resort.

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They have all-glass Scandinavian floor-to-ceiling windows

Even from a distance, Baan Tarn Mork looks absolutely stunning as the light hits the warm woody accents of the cottages.

Image credit: บ้านธารหมอก At สะปัน

There is just something about the all-glass scandinavian style windows. I’m not sure if it’s the natural light pouring in or how small you feel when you stand looking out the windows, these floor-to-ceiling windows just hit different.

And they definitely make for great IG pics too. I mean, take a look at this.

Image credit: @gifgibb

Of course, while introducing you to the luxurious rooms here, how can I miss out on their classy outdoor bathtubs?

Baan Tarn Mork Private Bath TubImage credit: บ้านธารหมอก At สะปัน

With the bathtubs being incredibly spacious, they can comfortably fit two people at a time. As for those of you worried about privacy, fret not, as the rooms are all partitioned.

Baan Tarn Mork 2 pax bath TubImage credit: บ้านธารหมอก At สะปัน

Alternatively, just slip on a bathing suit and hop in, yknow? Make sure you bring your best ones for that mountain side hi-so photo sisters.

On a good day, you can even opt to have a picnic or a mookata sesh right outside your rooms.

The resort has a mookata service available

I’m sure most of us have experienced moments where we are at a place so beautiful that we’d think: Omg if only we had something to eat right now…

With the chilly mountain air and all-around good vibes, having piping hot mookata would be a dream. Ask and you shall receive, my friend.

Baan Tarn Mork Mookata Wide ShotImage credit: บ้านธารหมอก At สะปัน

For those of you early risers, you can even catch the fresh air and bask in the morning mist while having breakfast too.

Baan Tarn Mork BreakfastImage credit: บ้านธารหมอก At สะปัน

After you’re all fuelled up for the day, make sure to check out the activities that the resort has in store for you.

Go paddle-boarding and swimming in the Nam-wa Canal

For those of you who want to leisurely check out the Sapan area, you can use one of the resort’s bikes to cycle to Sapan Village nearby.

Baan Tarn Mork Cycling
Image credit: บ้านธารหมอก At สะปัน

As for those of you travelling with elderly or children, you can also opt to drive one of their golf carts down to the village instead.

Whichever it is that you pick, the view is definitely worth it.

Baan Tarn Mork Golf CartImage credit: บ้านธารหมอก At สะปัน

As for the water-lovers, you can also paddle-board or take a swim in the canal. Who says water activities are only meant for the islands or the beaches amirite?

Baan Tarn Mork Paddle Boarding/ @gifgibbImage credit: @gifgibb

With so many activities to choose from, your stay here is sure to be fruitful. All the activities are free during your stay as they are included in the hotel package, starting from ฿3,900 (~USD113.60)/night and ฿3,510 (~USD102.23)/night, with a minimum 2-night stay.

Do check out their Facebook page for any upcoming promos.

Getting to Baan Tarn Mork 

Image credit: บ้านธารหมอก At สะปัน

If you’re looking for a nice little countryside escape with a touch of luxury, then Baan Tarn Mork could be just for you.

With the simplicity of countryside life sure to tug on your heartstrings here, this resort could be what us regular city hustlers need.

So share this article with your boo or bestie and make plans for a getaway in advance, before the all good dates are booked.

Baan Tarn Mork
Address:1081 Nan, Thailand 55220
Opening Hours:
Sun-Fri, Open 24 hours 
Telephone: +66 6 5982 9256
Baan Tarn Mork Facebook | Google Maps | Website

Cover images adapted from: @gifgibb, บ้านธารหมอก At สะปัน, บ้านธารหมอก At สะปัน

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