Homebaker Gives McDonald’s Nasi Lemak McD A “Cake-over”, Realistic Ayam Goreng Is Made From Chocolate

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Creative McDonald’s-themed cake for Mekdi fans

McDonald’s is known for introducing limited-edition menu items in different countries. Take for example, its Pho Burger in Vietnam and Oreo Spam Burger in China. In Malaysia, we have Nasi Lemak McD, McDonald’s take on one of our favourite local dishes. Proving that you don’t have to be a big fast-food franchise to have fun renditions of local favourites, a homebaker from Pahang showed off an amazing-looking Mcdonald’s-themed cake she baked in 4 hours for a customer. 

Nasi Lemak McD given a cake-over from homebaker

Baker Dhia Aqilah took to her Facebook account and a Facebook group called Masak Apa Hari Ni on 19th January to share her mouth-watering creation. The post has racked up an impressive 29,000 reactions and over 1,000 shares at the time of writing. 

McDonald's-themed cake
Image credit: Dhia Aqilah

The response is probably so enthusiastic because her cake looks pretty darn similar to the real Nasi Lemak McD. Much like an order of Nasi Lemak McD you would get at McDonald’s, her cake has sambal spooned over rice, with a side of McDonald’s popular Ayam Goreng McD to boot. 

It was missing some ikan bilis, cucumber slices and fried egg, but that didn’t take away from how realistic the cake looked.

McDonald's-themed cake
McDonald’s Nasi Lemak McD and Dhia’s McDonald’s-themed cake
Image adapted from: McDonald’s & Dhia Aqilah

According to her Facebook post, she spent 4-5 hours making the cake, inluding preparation, baking, and decoration time.

What’s even more impressive is that everything that can be seen in the photos she shared is edible – from the plate of chilli sauce “served” on to the side, to the entire cup of Coke, “plastic cup” and all.

She shared that the cup of Coke is made of cake and fondant, while the crispy-looking ayam goreng is made of white chocolate. Just like a real fried chicken, it can even be picked up and eaten – except you’ll be taking a mouthful of chocolate instead of, well, chicken. 

McDonald's-themed cake
credit: Dhia Aqilah

Other realistic food-themed cakes from Pahang homebaker

This isn’t the first time that Dhia has whipped out a creative food-themed cake. A scroll through her Instagram account shows that she’s made a McDonald’s-themed cake before, back in November 2020. But her previous cake only featured “fried chicken”, without the nasi

The results are, nonetheless, right up any Mekdi fan’s alley. 

McDonald's-themed cake
Image credit:

She also has a Nasi Lemak Ayam Crispy cake. Everything is edible in this chocolate pandan cake as well. So while the banana leaf is usually just a plate for our order of nasi lemak, you’ll get to eat a fondant-version of it in this cake. 

McDonald's-themed cake - Nasi Lemak cake
Image adapted from:

McDonald’s-themed cake

Lizard cakes and toilet roll cakes are just some of the unique cakes that have been cropping up online. And now we can add these two nasi lemak-themed cakes to the list. So you know the homebakers to go to the next time you need a customised cake.

Dhai currently only delivers to Pahang. You can reach out to her through her Instagram or Facebook pages for further enquiries, or at her WhatsApp number 014-502 8049.

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Cover image adapted from: Dhia Aqilah

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