Tanamera Coffee opens outlet in Singapore

While Indonesia’s coffee boom is mostly attributed to the es kopi susu trend, the country also has no shortage of higher-end third-wave coffee chains in the mold of Tanamera Coffee. Unlike the sweet, sugary pleasure of es kopi susu, Tanamera instead focuses on bringing out the distinctive characteristics of Indonesia’s homegrown coffee bean flavors.

Now, Singaporeans can have a taste of what Indonesian artisanal coffee has to offer as well. Earlier this month, Tanamera opened its first Singapore outlet at Change Alley Mall, bringing their house blends and single-origin coffees just down the road from the famed Merlion statue.

Tanamera Coffee opens at Change Alley Mall

tanamera coffee change alley
Tanamera Coffee at the ground floor of the revamped Change Alley Mall
Image credit: @tanameracoffee

The outlet sits at the ground floor of the recently revamped Change Alley Mall, smack dab in the middle of Raffles Place, the center of the city-state’s financial district. It’s not the only coffee shop in the area either, with the likes of Starbucks within walking distance.

tanamera coffee singapore decor
The decor of the cafe is dominated by red and black, the brand’s trademark color
Image credit: @saltyaaron

Those familiar with Tanamera outlets in Indonesia will feel at home here as the outlet sticks with the chain’s trademark bold red and black color scheme. In Indonesian, Tanamera roughly means ‘red soil’, hence their focus on the color.

tanamera coffee singapore outlet
The outlet’s interior area
Image credit: @tanameracoffee

As the place mostly caters to white-collar workers on their morning coffee runs, it’s not as spacious as the typical Tanamera joints. We have little doubt about the coffee though, as it’s brewed from specialty beans grown all over the archipelago.

Indonesian specialty coffee and food

coffee brewed tanamera singapore
Coffee being brewed at Tanamera. The beans used are
Mandailing Washed
Image credit: @doggaebi

All the beans Tanamera uses in Singapore are imported from Indonesia, ranging from Sumatra’s Mandailing coffee to the famed Toraja coffee of Sulawesi. Tanamera’s espresso blend is notably low on acidity but for those wanting to brew their own coffee, they have single-origin coffee beans on offer.

tanamera cold brew coffee
Tanamera’s Cold Brews with both black and white coffee
Image credit: @tanameracoffee

Tanamera’s Mandailing is noted for its low acidity while the Toraja goes the opposite way and both falls on the sweeter side of the spectrum. Some of the beans are also available as Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules and drip coffee bags if you’re looking for something more convenient.

nasi goreng tanamera
Nasi Goreng Tanamera with sunny-side-up, fried chicken, chicken satay, and krupuk deep fried crackers
Image credit: @shbrzt

In contrast with the typical coffee shops, Tanamera also serves a lot more than just pastries. Their takes on Indonesian classics such as tahu telor, omelette mixed with tofu cubes, and iga goreng penyet, or crushed beef ribs served with Indonesian chili sauce, are just as good as their coffee.

Tanamera Coffee brings Indonesian third-wave coffee to Singapore

In terms of global prestige, Indonesian artisanal coffee isn’t as recognized as the ones from the likes of Ethiopia even though it’s up there in terms of quality.

With Tanamera’s first international expansion and Maxx Coffee opening their second outlet in Singapore, it’s perhaps a sign that things are about to change.

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