Maxx Coffee opens outlets in Singapore

Maxx Coffee’s logo is becoming increasingly familiar in Indonesia, especially among our local coffee fans who need their daily brew. Though the first outlet was only opened in 2015, this coffee shop chain that is part of the Lippo Group now boasts over 80 outlets located in 23 cities across the country.

In an effort to further expand the brand, Maxx Coffee has recently announced the opening of its second outlet in Singapore.

The Indonesian coffee chain now has two shops in Singapore

Maxx Coffee in Singapore - Jurong East Mall bar
New Maxx Coffee outlet in Jem, Singapore
Image credit: @maxxcoffeeid

Maxx Coffee posted photos of its new outlet in Jurong East Mall, better known simply as Jem, via Instagram, showing a sleek interior that embodies the modern coffee shop culture. In January this year, the first store opened in the National University of Singapore’s Central Library building.

Maxx Coffee in Singapore - NUS Library
First Maxx Coffee Singapore outlet in the NUS Central Library building
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Though the COVID-19 pandemic is not the time to fully utilize the place in its entirety, the Jem branch, as with other Maxx Coffee outlets, provides a bright and spacious coworking area that’s ideal for coffee-loving mobile workers.

Maxx Coffee in Singapore - Jurong East Mall
New Maxx Coffee outlet in Jem, Singapore
Image credit: @sgmaxxcoffee

Singaporeans who have a taste for their neighboring country’s single-origin coffee can now get some from either of the two outlets. Maxx Coffee offers beans such as Aceh Gayo, Sumatra Lintong, and Java Ciwidey.

Maxx Coffee in Singapore - Indonesian single origins
Image credit: Maxx Coffee

Aceh Gayo is typically favored for its low acidity, while Sumatra Lintong is suitable for those who prefer a fruity and earthy taste. Lastly, Java Ciwidey is known for its chocolatey and generally nutty flavors.

Maxx Coffee in Singapore - Caramelized Gula Melaka
Caramelized Gula Melaka
Image credit: Maxx Coffee

If you’re not much of a hardcore coffee person, but still want some caffeine that’s sweet and icy, go for the Caramelized Gula Melaka.

More Maxx Coffee outlets are coming to Singapore

Maxx Coffee in Singapore - Cold brew series
Maxx Coffee’s cold brew series
Image credit: @sgmaxxcoffee

Coffee lovers living in Singapore can expect to find more outlets popping up in the near future as Maxx Coffee SG’s website indicates that four more outlets are opening soon. The upcoming locations that have been listed are KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, HDB Hub, NUH Medical Centre, and Thomson Medical Centre.

Don’t forget to practice health protocols while getting your coffee

Maxx Coffee in Signapore - Health measures
Image credit: @sgmaxxc

If you decide to stop by a Maxx Coffee Singapore outlet to enjoy a cup of coffee, don’t forget to follow their COVID-19 health measures. Instructions such as maintaining a 1-meter distance, using hand sanitizer, using only takeout cups, getting your body temperature checked, and not using self-service counters have been uploaded with clear graphics on Maxx Coffee SG’s Instagram page.

Stay safe while getting a cup of your favorite caffeinated beverage.

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Cover image adapted from: @maxxcoffeeid and @sgmaxcoffee

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