Indonesian coffee shops now offer 1-liter iced coffee

Iced coffee with milk, or better known as es kopi susu, continues to be a popular light caffeinated drink. In fact, Indonesians love it so much that even large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) haven’t stopped them from ordering their favorite cold drink. 

But in Jakarta, the highly populated COVID-19 epicenter of Indonesia, it might be a good idea to buy in bulk rather than making small frequent orders. In response to this, more and more coffee shops – including the es kopi susu pioneer, Tuku – have started to offer 1-liter bottles full of their bestelling beverages.

1 liter of es kopi susu goodness

1L TUKUCUR Es Kopi Susu Tetangga at Tuku
Image credit: @tokokopituku

Tuku broke the es kopi susu corner of the internet when it announced that it would start selling 1-liter bottles of its beloved Es Kopi Susu Tetangga for Rp. 85,000 (~USD5.42) each. Aside from this, the TUKUCUR series, as they are called, also include Chocolate (Rp. 95,000, ~USD6.05) and Cold Brew Tetangga (Rp. 85,000, ~USD5.42)

The 1-liter TUKUCUR drinks are available for pre-order every night at 10PM on Tokopedia, and will be delivered the following morning.

1L Kopi Susu Gula Aren at Anomali Coffee
Image credit: @anomalicoffee

Another popular Indonesian coffee chain that now offers 1-liter iced coffee is Anomali Coffee. Jakartans can order Kopi Susu Gula Aren (Rp. 75,000, ~USD4.78) via any favorite food delivery app, and if you live in the greater Jakarta region, you can make your purchase through Tokopedia.

1L Es Kopi Susu at Kroma
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Who would’ve thought that a pandemic would be the perfect time for Kroma to release their 1-liter bottled drinks after they had been planning to for two years? But such is reality, and the decision has been received positively by the shop’s regulars. 

You can get Kopi Susu Ruma (Rp. 85,000, ~USD5.42) via GoFood or GrabFood, but if you live a bit far away from any of the locations, you can also order through the previous apps’ courier services. Es Kokonut (Rp. 105,000, ~USD6.69) and Susu Coklat Rumah (Rp. 95,000, ~USD6.05) are also on offer if you feel like having something other than es kopi susu

It’s OK to treat yourself

With everything that’s going on, treating yourself might feel like a luxury you don’t deserve. But enjoying our favorite es kopi susu might be one of the small things that make us happy during these trying times.

It’s also important that we try to support local businesses and the delivery workers who are trying to get through this tough period.

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Cover image adapted from: @tokokopituku and @anomalicoffee

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