Jakarta may have to extend the PSBB

A week of large-scale social restrictions, or PSBB, has passed, and we have one more week. Or could Jakartans be facing even more days of self-quarantine? 

PSBB began to be enforced in Jakarta on Friday, 10th April 2020, with neighboring cities such as Bekasi, Depok, and Bogor following suit several days later. With the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Indonesia hitting over 5,500 – more than 2,600 of which are reported in the capital alone – Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan has hinted at the possibility of extending PSBB in Jakarta.

More than 14 days of social restrictions are necessary

Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan pushes for more days of PSBB
Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan announcing the details of PSBB
Image credit: detikNews

Governor Anies thinks that 14 days of PSBB is not enough, considering that what we are facing is a novel virus, and extra measures have to be taken, as reported by Tirto.id. He further adds that it’s better to prepare for the worst rather than dealing with the consequences of rash decisions. 

According to detikNews, Anies also noted how other countries are still struggling to deal with the virus, and that there is no clear-cut way for anyone to determine whether or not the COVID-19 pandemic is over for good.

The Governor also stresses the importance of education over punishment. PSBB should be obeyed on the basis of keeping each other safe from a deadly virus, not merely about avoiding legal sanctions.

Indonesians brace for tumultuous days ahead

aerial view of jakarta
An aerial photo of Jakarta, taken during the PSBB period
Image credit: @michaelarsyi_

As much as Jakartans, as well as residents of other infected regions in Indonesia, want to return to their regular routines – especially since so many people have been financially hit by this pandemic – this national and global health crisis needs to be dealt with carefully.

COVID-19 updates as of 16th April 2020
COVID-19 updates as of 16th April 2020
Image credit: covid19.go.id

There are still many days of uncertainty ahead. The very least we can do is practice physical distancing as much as our living conditions allow us, so that we can keep each other safe. It’s also absolutely important that we help our neighbors and community out as much as we can  in these difficult times.

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Cover image adapted from: detikNews

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