Xiaomi’s Pikachu collection

Xiaomi is making Pikachu fans around the world scream out loud by launching a special line of products that are designed after the adorable character earlier this month.

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The Pikachu products include a 20-inch travel suitcase (¥399, ~฿1,855), a waterproof and multi-purpose backpack (¥59, ~฿275), and a number of gadgets; all bright yellow with Pikachu’s face on them.

However, these limited edition products are only available on the official Xiaomi China website.

Cool gadgets

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Xiaomi also caters to the younger generation of tech geeks, that’s they launched a cool gadget like Pocket Photo Printer Pikachu (¥399, ~฿1,855) that allows you to print out mini photos anywhere, anytime.

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For those of you who are looking for a new pair of earphones, don’t miss out on Xiaomi Air 2s Earbuds Pikachu (¥399, ~฿1,855), wireless Bluetooth earphones with your favourite character’s face on the bright yellow case.

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Last but not least is Xiaomi Power Bank3 Pikachu (¥99, ~฿460), a 10000mAh power bank to recharge your electronic devices – it’s a source of power just like our beloved Pokemon! 

Unfortunately, Xiaomi doesn’t offer international shipping. So if you have any friends in China, you can still ask them to purchase the items for you on Xiaomi’s official website

Also, let’s hope that Xiaomi Thailand will bring this super adorable collection to us too!

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