Guide to Koh Kret, Thailand

Koh Kret (เกาะเกร็ด) is a small island in the middle of Chao Phraya River, north of Bangkok in the Nonthaburi province. This man-made island was created way back in the 1700s during the Ayutthaya period, and is known today for its local markets, handicrafts, and food.

If you’re in BKK and are bored of its shopping malls and cafes, it’s time to take a day-trip out to Koh Kret, which lies just an hour away from the city centre.

Getting to Koh Kret

Koh Kret is around 20km away from Bangkok city centre and can be reached by various modes of transport:

  • Transport vans: You can take a van from different locations, including Minburi Market, Victory Monument, and Ramkhamhaeng
  • Chao Phraya boat: From Saphan Taksin BTS, you will see Sathorn pier. From here, you can take a boat to Nam Non or Nonthaburi pier. Then, hop on a boat transfer that’ll take you directly to Koh Kret pier.
  • Taxi/Car: If you’re driving on your own, set your destination as Wat Sanam Neua and park your car there at ฿30 all day. Then, take a ferry to Koh Kret for just ฿2/person.

– Where to eat –

Even though Koh Kret is just a small island, it’s filled with tons of cool cafes and eateries. Here are some recommended spots to check out to fuel up before starting your adventure around the area.

1. Yokyen Kuenbok

Yokyen Kuenbok
Image credit: ชิลไปไหน

Yokyen Kuenbok is an eatery operating from a 2-storey wood house located beside Chao Phraya River. The restaurant has lots of savoury dishes, desserts, and drinks to pick from.

Yokyen Kuenbok
Image credit: @nanzolia

The signature menu item here is their Pad Thai (from ฿85, ~USD3) that had choices of various toppings, from shrimp, squid, and fish.

Yokyen Kuenbok
You can sit and chill out with a river view on both the 1st and 2nd floor
Images adapted from: @yoomaitidbaan and @pandazzbear

There’ll also be live music to enjoy here during the evenings, which is a treat to enjoy with a bottle of beer.

Yokyen Kuenbok
Address: Ko Kret, Pak Kret District, Nonthaburi 11120.
Opening Hours: 12.30PM-6PM Wednesday – Friday | 10.30AM-7PM Saturday – Sunday
Telephone: +66 9 3423 9497
Yokyen Kuenbok Facebook

2. Rongsi Studio

Rongsi Studio
Images adapted from: @amelathebear, @khunkhwan__, and @tttangton

Photo buffs will be impressed with Rongsi Studio for sure. This hipster cafe is spacious, offering bright outdoor and indoor spaces for IG photoshoots galore.

koh kret cafe 2
Image credit: คนหลงทาง

The interior of the cafe is decorated with wicker decor and wooden furniture. And if you’re stopping by in the evening, the outdoor riverside seating is where to be to watch the sunset by the water. 

Rongsi Studio
Images adapted from: BKKMenu and Wongnai

Rongsi Studio offers Thai-Fusion dishes such as the classic Minced Shrimp And Pork Spring Rolls (฿250, ~USD8) that come flat instead. If you’re looking for something more filling, try their Fermented Fish Fried Rice (฿150, ~USD5) instead.

The place also functions as a homestay, with prices from ฿2,500 (~USD76) with breakfast and bicycle-to-rent. 

Rongsi Studio
Address: 68 Moo 5, Ko Kret, Pak Kret District, Nonthaburi 11120.
Opening Hours: 10AM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: +66 9 4159 6664 | +66 2 082 8865
Rongsi Studio Facebook | Google Maps

3. Ka Fea Baan Lek Tee Nung

koh kret cafe
Image credit: edt guide

In order to find this hidden gem in Koh Kret, keep your hawk eyes peeled for the sign that reads กาแฟบ้านเลขที่ ๑ (Ka Fea Baan Lek Tee Nung). Once you find it, you’ll be greeted with a balcony seating area that’s right by the canal.

The cafe serves Thai traditional coffee made in terracotta pots starting at ฿25 (~USD0.80). Every visitor is recommended to try Kanom Pang Na Moo (฿39, ~USD1) which is a fried bread topped with seasoned pork paste. 

Ka Fea Baan Lek Tee Nung
Images adapted from: edt guide

Steak and spaghetti are on the list too for those in the mood for some Western cuisine. 

Ka Fea Baan Lek Tee Nung
Address: 1 Moo 1, Ko Kret, Pak Kret District, Nonthaburi 11120
Opening Hours: 9.30AM-5PM, Friday – Sunday
Telephone: +66 8 7509 6279
Ka Fea Baan Lek Tee Nung Facebook | Google Maps

4. Kanom Tuay Country

Kanom Tuay Country
Image credit: Tripgather

Anyone who loves old-school collectibles, wooden houses, and country-style decorations, Kanom Tuay Country is the place to visit. 

Kanom Tuay Country
Images adapted from: @tai_wilasinee and @momilm

Aside from its IG-worthy interior, you can try their signature item – Kanom Tuay (฿25, ~USD0.80/Set) which is Thai coconut milk custard made from rice flour and coconut milk. 

The dessert comes in two layers of steamed pandan rice cake and salty coconut cream on the top. Glass Jelly in Syrup (฿35, ~USD1) is another item suitable to order on a hot day. 

Kanom Tuay Country
Address: 15 Moo 6, Ko Kret, Pak Kret District, Nonthaburi 11120.
Opening Hours: 9AM-5PM Saturday – Sunday
Telephone: +66 8 1565 0212

5. Homm TeaHouse

Homm TeaHouse has a menu packed with authentic Thai desserts which are hard to find nowadays. We’d recommend ordering an Afternoon Tea Set (from ฿149, ~USD5) to try various items at once, especially those new to the world of traditional Thai sweets. 

Homm TeaHouse
Images adapted from: hommteafanclub and ร้านชาหอมที Homm TeaHouse

Pla Hang Tangmo (฿60, ~USD2) is also a special meal to order – this is watermelon and crunchy dried fish. Though this might sound like an odd combination, this used to be a popular item among locals in the past – especially during the summer time.

Unique  drinks to try are Red Ginger Lily Drink (฿55, ~USD2) and Butterfly Pea with Lime (฿45, ~USD1.40) that are both colourful and refreshing. 

Homm TeaHouse
Address: 6 Moo 7, Ko Kret, Pak Kret District, Nonthaburi 11120.
Opening Hours: 8.30AM-6PM, Daily
Telephone: +66 8 3995 9147
Homm TeaHouse Facebook | Google Maps

– Things to do –

1. Go temple-hopping around the island

Start your day early in the morning by visiting the many temples in the Koh Kret area. Here are two that you gotta drop by.

Phra Chedi Mutao
Image credit: Preecha.MJ via Wikipedia 

The leaning pagoda, or Phra Chedi Mutao is the landmark of Koh Kret that’s located along the riverside of Wat Paramaiyikawat. Both locals and visitors respect and believe in the sanctity of the Buddha relics inside. 

This pagoda was constructed around 300 years ago based on the model of the Shwemawdaw Pagoda in Myanmar. It is estimated that this pagoda began to tilt years later according to the last evidence found.

Phra Chedi Mutao
Image credit: @kanet2517

Locals know this Buddha statue as the Tabea Buddha due to its pose. Tabea (ตะเบ๊ะ) means salute in Thai. The 400-year-old statue features a Buddha statue in a seated position with its left hand touching the head as an act of salute. Thailand has only 3 statues in this posture. 

This statue is enshrined in Wat Sanam Neua across Koh Kret island which you can take a ferryboat to visit.  

2. Cycle around or enjoy Chao Phraya’s boat cruise

Aside from walking to different places on the island, visitors can rent a bicycle to travel around or even take a boat cruise to enjoy the chill vibes by the river. 

koh kret cycling
Image credit: Nunyearyeahz

Bicycle (฿40, ~USD1/day)

You can rent a bicycle at Wat Paramaiyikawat and Wat Pa Fai. Almost every place can be accessed by a bicycle thanks to cycling paths. Enjoy breezing through nature left and right with shops and eateries hidden along the way, waiting for you to explore.

koh kret boat
Image credit: Nunyearyeahz

Boat cruise (Adult ฿70, ~USD2 | Children ฿40, ~USD1)

The journey starts at Wat Paramaiyikawat pier and will stop at different attractions like Baan Kanom Wan, Wat Saeng Market, Baan Batik Fabric, some temples, and souvenir shops. 

3. Craft pottery at Pa Toom Pottery Factory

Pa Toom Pottery Factory
Image credit: Nunyearyeahz

Pa Toom Pottery Factory has been crafting terracotta pottery for over 100 years and still crafts all of its products traditionally by hand. This is one of Koh Kret’s unique souvenirs to bring home. 

Pa Toom Pottery Factory
Image credit: โรงงานเครื่องปั้นดินเผาป้าตุ่ม

If you’d like to get in on the action, take a mini pottery class to craft your own pottery. Just buy some clay for only ฿50 (~USD1.50), and there will be a professional potter teaching you for free. 

Visit their Facebook to see or order delicate handcrafts from the factory.

4. Make coffee from scratch

roasting coffee in koh kret
Image credit: กาแฟคั่วมือ Coffee & Gallery

Cuamue Coffee & Gallery is a little coffee roaster and souvenir shop hidden in Koh Kret. The cafe offers customers a DIY Set (฿200, ~USD6) to make a coffee by themselves, right from roasting your very own coffee beans. 

Cuamue Coffee & Gallery
Images adapted from: @coolcurl126 and @rujbt

Coffee lovers can enjoy roasting, crushing, slowly pouring water over the beans, and enjoying your handmade cuppa. 

Nearby the sitting area is a small shop packed with t-shirts, tote bags, terracotta coffee cups, and more gifts to bring home.

Cuamue Coffee & Gallery
Address: 56/1 Moo 1, Ko Kret, Pak Kret District, Nonthaburi 11120.
Opening Hours: Sat-Sun 9AM-6PM
Telephone: +66 8 6609 5566
Cuamue Coffee & Gallery Facebook

5. Get locally made handicrafts at the community market

koh kret market
Image credit: สถานีเมืองนนท์ : Nonthaburi Station

Tons of alleys and walkways in Koh Kret are packed with things to see and do, like street vendors, cafes, and local markets. 

The market is the spot that you shouldn’t miss in Koh Kret because it will offer you a chance to try what the locals really enjoy. 

koh kret market
Try these eye catching Thai desserts while you’re here too
Images adapted from: @siam_muang_yim and @jajaakanomwhan

Other than food and desserts, there are different gifts and souvenirs to buy back home. For example, terracotta decoration and cookware, woodcrafts, house decorations, and more. 

koh kret market
Drinks here are usually serve in terracotta mugs designed to look like cute characters
Images adapted from: THE CONNECT and โรงงานเครื่องปั้นดินเผาป้าตุ่ม

Easy day-trip location from Bangkok

After months of lockdown, many of us would appreciate heading outdoors and enjoying new places. With it being so close to Bangkok, Koh Kret is a great destination to visit for a simple weekend getaway.

We hope this list gave you some inspiration for your next trip in Thailand!  

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Cover images adapted from: ค น ห ล ง ท า ง, @rongsi_studio, edt guide

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