Thailand is in flood season

Have you foodies ever dreamt of a chocolate canal like the one in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory? Well here in Thailand we’re living that “dream” right now, but instead of dark cocoa, it’s Thai tea.

These fish looks just like jelly glass in Thai milk tea
Image credit: อ่างทอง

Facebook page Angthong shared pictures of Chao Phraya river in Angthong, Thailand’s central province, showing the colour of the water looking bright orange. 

This is a result of flash floods from the northern mountains being mixed into the river as the country is currently facing another flood season.

Northern provinces suffered

Image credit: Matichon

This week, many northern provinces in Thailand like Sukhothai and Phitsanulok have been badly hit by floods. 

Villagers and people in the flooded areas needed to leave their drowning houses behind to live with their families out in drier zones, or take refuge in designated places.

Image credit: Thairath

It’s not just residents in the area were affected by the floods, but local travellers decided to cancel their vacation in these provinces due to safety concerns. In Sukhothai alone, more than 30% of hotel bookings were cancelled according to Bangkok Post

Dyke bursts in Sukhothai
Image credit: Thairath

The orange coloured water in a major river such as Chao Phraya is a sign that a big amount of water is moving south to other provinces and to Bangkok.

Thailand is no stranger to floods, as this occurs annually during the rainy season. But the safety of people’s lives is paramount if the situation gets out of control. 

Let’s hope that’s not the case.

Featured image adapted from: อ่างทอง/FB

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