Locals unite during Bangkok explosions

Image adapted from: Tnews

Amid the Bangkok bomb explosions that took place this morning, the Thai web has been buzzing with comments from netizens. The hashtag #ระเบิด (Thai for “bomb”) currently ranks #1 on Twitter’s trending topics at the moment too. 

While many are trying to figure out the cause of the situation, others have been spreading #goodvibes to their fellow Bangkokians during this hard time – from memes, jokes, to simple words of kindness.

Many shared their concern for parties involved

Users expressed their worry over the well being of everyone involved in the situation, especially those that had gotten injured. This includes cleaning officers that were found to be injured when “ping pong bombs” went off at 57/1 Soi Rama 9 – one of the 3 locations where explosions were set off. 

thai netizens reaction

Translation: I feel so bad for them, wishing them well.

thai netizens react to the explosionsTranslation: I hope the people that were injured on duty are cared for.
Source: The Standard

Meanwhile on Instagram, people have been sharing a post by Trinupab Jiratritarn – who happens to be the husband of Miss Universe Thailand 2018. He currently works at an security-related company, Creatus Corporation Limited, and offered to lend metal detector machines to those in need:

Trinupab Jiratritarn reaction

Translation: If any organisations need metal detector machines, I am willing to lend mine. Please contact me at 02-269-9700

Image credit: @jeditrinupab

A lot of people also showed their appreciation to news reporters who were in the area, ready to cover the latest updates.

thai netizens react

Translation: Thank you all | We are rooting for you!
Source: The Standard

Some commenters tagged their friends or family in the comments section of news posts, making them aware of the situation. 

thai locals tag their family and friends

Translation: Be careful!
Source: The Standard

Some used jokes and memes to lighten up the situation

It’s true that people handle stressful situations differently. In this case, many netizens took it to Twitter to post jokes and memes, which hopefully can make others feel less stressed or scared. 

This guy on Twitter began trolling Bangkok’s famous slogan, which promises its people a perfect life. No so much with the explosions everywhere.

twitter pun

Source: Twitter

The original slogan reads “Krung Thep… Cheewit Dee Dee Tee Long Tua” translates to “Bangkok – the perfect life.” The twitter user did some wordplay on the Thai word ‘Long’, which in this case, ended up being a pun on the word bomb. Yikes.

But if you’re a movie junkie, you’ll be able to relate to this post more:

thai funny joke during explosions

Translation: My outfit for a movie date at Siam tomorrow
Source: Twitter

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t seen Spiderman: Far From Home, you might want to skip this part. This meme suggests a conspiracy theory that the situation was crafted by the movie’s villain, Mysterio. Hmm…

Translation: He’s everybody’s hero. From a catastrophic situation he has created. His name is…. Mysterio
Image credit: ขอบสหนัง

Thai locals will stay strong during this crisis

People may have various reactions with regards to current situation, both serious or light. But they come from a good place and aim to look out for others during this time. 

To everybody out there, take care of yourselves and be safe! 

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