Thai Monkey Searches Plastic Bag On Pickup Truck, Flees Vehicle With Coriander In Hand

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Thai monkey searches plastic bag on pickup truck

A good advantage of pickup trucks is that it can accommodate a variety of items, even the heavy ones.

Since the stuff are put in the back of the vehicle which is out of our sight, we cannot help but that they could be stolen by robbers or unexpected guests – like monkeys.

Here’s a curious tale about a cheeky monkey that was caught searching the plastic bags on a pickup truck. Spoiler alert. It ended up fleeing the vehicle with a handful of coriander.

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Monkey found rummaging through plastic bags on pickup truck

On 7th March 2022, a video recording of a monkey who was caught searching plastic bags on a pickup truck was uploaded on this TikTok account, @Wunsen_11.

ไม่เคยรุ้เลยว่าเขาสามมุกมีด่านด้วย🐒🐒 #เที่ยว #วันหยุด

ไม่เคยรุ้เลยว่าเขาสามมุกมีด่านด้วย🐒🐒 #เที่ยว #วันหยุด

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The incident was recorded from an enclosed cabin while the TikToker was stuck in a traffic jam. He had chanced upon a wild monkey jumping on the pickup truck and rummaging through plastic bags.

GIF: @Wunsen_11

In the short clip, the determined primate appeared to tear a few plastic bags open, in his bid to search for something edible inside.

GIF: @Wunsen_11

Since he couldn’t find one in his first attempt, the monkey proceeded to tear other adjacent plastic bags. Finally, he seemed to have struck gold. Selecting his loot of choice, the monkey grabbed a handful of coriander before swiftly escaping the truck.

He also left in his wake, a slew of torn plastic bags, and an amused crowd of netizens who watched the viral video.

Netizens wonder why the monkey stole coriander in particular

After the video was posted on TikTok, many netizens agreed that the monkey took the coriander to prep meals of its own.

Screenshot: @Wunsen_11

Translation: He may take the coriander for cooking Larb Moo. LOL

One netizen speculated that the monkey took the coriander for cooking Larb Moo, a.k.a. spicy minced pork salad.

Screenshot: @Wunsen_11

Translation: Got the vegetable now. It’s time to run. LOL

Another netizen commented that the monkey got what he wanted and fled from the scene in the process.

Screenshot: @Wunsen_11

Translation: He checks everything. LOL

One viewer suggested that the monkey’s actions resembled police checking tourists’ items before leaving the country.

What a clever monkey

While we felt relieved that the monkey didn’t steal valuable items from the vehicle, the video is a great proof of why monkeys are considered intelligent.

We also hope that the monkey had a great meal accented by the coriander he got from the truck.

One thing’s for sure, this monkey has a clear stance on the ‘love it or hate it’ debate when it comes to good ole’ coriander in our Asian meals.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): @Wunsen_11

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