Swensen’s in Nan, Northern Thailand

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After being impressed with different architectural styles of Starbucks both in Thailand and abroad, it’s time for our all-time favourite ice cream place to have its time to shine too. 

Swensen’s Thailand has opened its first and only standalone branch in a beautiful traditional northern style in Nan province, allowing customers to enjoy cosy vibes and Thai style decorations. 

Reminiscent of northern Thai lifestyle 

Swensen’s Kad Nan
Image credit: Swensen’s Kad Nan

Swensen’s Kad Nan was designed to fit with the atmosphere and lifestyle of Thai locals in Nan province. The store looks like a traditional wooden house, mixing in modern and older Lanna styles. 

Many local families, restaurants, and stores in the province still retain northern Thai architecture for their homes and businesses, which mostly feature wooden houses with terraces and sloping thatched roofs. 

Swensen’s Kad Nan in ThailandImage credit: Swensen’s Kad Nan

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The dining area is separated into two storeys with an outdoor terrace on the 2nd floor. Furniture and decoration are mostly made of wood and wicker crafts, giving it a cosy and rustic feel. Swensen’s iconic stained glass lamps are still there too, and blend nicely with the surroundings. 

Swensen's at Nan, Thailand
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Swensen’s Kad Nan

Swensen's Thailand
Don’t forget to snap a pic with the iconic mural of Nan – The Whisper of Love. The original one is located inside Wat Phumin
Image credit: Swensen’s Kad Nan

The first standalone branch in Thailand 

Swensen’s Kad NanImage credit: Swensen’s Kad Nan

Most of Swensen’s shops are operated in shopping malls or community malls. Swensen’s Kad Nan is the first and only branch in Thailand that comes in this special Thai traditional design, making it a place worth visiting. 

Nan is a fascinating town in the northern region of Thailand. If you love visiting Chiang Mai, this is another province you should explore when in the area. 

Swensen’s Kad Nan
Address: 43 Mahayot Rd., Nai Wiang Sub-district, Mueang Nan District, Nan 55000.
Opening Hours: 10AM-9PM, Daily
Telephone: +66 96 310 9523

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