Welcoming 2021 at Sukhothai

2021’s nearing, and if you’re looking for a fun extravaganza to kick off your New Year’s countdown, add Amazing Night Sukhothai Countdown 2021 to your calendars.

It’s a festive cultural event at Sukhothai Historical Park, where you can spend the last moments of 2020. The event will be on for 3 days from 29th December 2020 to 31st December 2020  from 5pm each day.

Vibrant fair with music and food

lights-amazingsukhothaiImage credit: MThai

Thailand’s known for its vibrant personality and culture, and events like these are great to experience it first-hand. The event will be held in Sukhothai – one of the country’s oldest cities – where you could explore and be Indiana Jones for a day before it starts. 

band-amazingsukhothaiImage credit: MThai

If you haven’t had the chance to taste how West meets East in Thailand, there’ll be Thai talents showing off their artistic skills in music and crafts.

lights-amazingthailandImage credit: Foody

There are decorative lights and colourful lamps that give out a romantic ambience too, meaning this could be a perfect date idea with your bae. 

coffee-amazinglightsImage credit: Foody

Of course, there’s gonna be tons of food! If you love Thai street food, this event will appease your inner foodie, with vendors and stalls to binge all the way.

Make your 2021 resolutions at Amazing Night Sukhothai

Even though 2020’s been heavy and dark for all of us and has restricted us from having fun like we’re used to, that doesn’t mean you can’t welcome positive energy once again with open arms. 

Amazing Night Sukhothai Countdown 2021
Address: Mueang Kao, Mueang Sukhothai District, Sukhothai 64210
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Featured image adapted from:  MThai, Foody

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29 - 31 Dec 2020
5:00 pm - 10:00 pm