Student draws sacred symbol to help himself get an A grade

Thai people can be pretty superstitious when we’re trying to wish for luck to help us to succeed in challenging tasks. Sometimes, we also believe that sacred symbols can give us a boost. That’s probably the reason why a Thai student reportedly drew a sacred symbol on his exam papers after he had finished it, as he believed the symbol would help him get an A grade in all subjects.

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Thai student draws sacred symbol on exam papers

Image credit: Sanook

On 10th August 2022, Dailynews reported that a Thai student in St. Gabriel Santipattana School drew a sacred symbol on his exam papers with a line of text that said, ‘Pass all exams and get an A grade in all subjects‘. The teacher was surprised after witnessing his nicely drawn symbol.

Image credit: Sanook

The student said that he likes the sacred symbol, so he had practised drawing it before his exams. Unfortunately, his effort spent drawing the symbol to pray for an A didn’t work, because he didn’t score well for many of his subjects. The teacher teased him, saying that the symbol wasn’t sacred enough, according to Dailynews.

Sadly, the symbol didn’t work

Despite his less-than-ideal results, we’d like to applaud him for his creativity and effort spent drawing the symbol. Even though it didn’t work, at least his drawing turned out quite well. Perhaps he can pursue a career as an artist in the future.

Cover image adapted from: Sanook

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