Sticky Monster Lab camping equipment

Sticky Monster Lab camping equipmentImages adapted from: Cheezelooker

Many people are big fans of Sticky Monster Lab (SML) and love to see their cute monster mascots. With such a big fanbase, they’ve started launching figurines, lifestyle products, and decorative items for all collectors. 

Now, SML has collaborated with various famous brands to release their new collection of camping equipment which features their unique monster characters with tiny legs. 

All products will be available to buy soon 

Sticky Monster Lab camping equipmentImage credit: Cheezelooker

Sticky Monster Lab (SML) joins hands with famous outdoor and sports brands like Nike, The North Face, Teva, and more to offer customers this cute collection inspired by their very own characters. 

Sticky Monster Lab camping equipmentThe twins!
Image credit: Cheezelooker

They just released the first look of this collection of camping tents with a cartoon face and tiny legs sticking out from the side. 

cute camping tentsImage credit: Cheezelooker

Cute camping tents
Image credit:

You can look forward to seeing more products from this project that is said to launch very soon. 

products from Sticky Monster LabThe sleepy camping pot from Helinox and streetwear from Teva
Images adapted from: Cheezelooker and Sticky Monster Lab

The products are not available for purchase at the moment, so. stay tuned for updates and more information on Facebook or on their website

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