Extreme weather conditions in the South of Thailand

The South and Gulf of Thailand can expect monsoon winds, flashfloods and waves rising over 2-3 metres over the next couple of days to a week.

Heavy rains to ground boats, and potentially spread disease

The Nation Thailand reported that small boats – including longtails –  should stay ashore until after 26th December and that ships should procees with care.

Director General of the Disease Control Department, Dr. Opas Karnkawinpong, also warns of Leptospirosis. The disease is spread by the bacteria, Leptospira. The pathogen enters the body via small tears in the skin, and can be transmitted by floodwater, food and rodents.

Flooding in Gulf of Thailand
Avoid walking in flood water if you can. If that’s impossible, be sure to clean exposed areas with soap and water.
Image credit: Chiang Rai Times 

Proceed with caution

As the disease is a bacterial infection, Dr. Karnkawinpong discourages self-medication and suggests seeing a doctor for antibiotics.

With 2020 being the way it is, we really shouldn’t be surprised that heavy rains could bring about another disease. However, we should remain careful.

Featured image adapted from: The Pattaya Mail

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