Siam Chai Haad Sai Khao in Nakhon Pathom 

Beach near BangkokImages adapted from: @kp_talonlak and @thestoriesfan

Bang Sean and Pattaya beaches in Chonburi are the best choices for Bangkokians when they need a quick beach vacation. But with how crowded those spots can get, it might not be ideal.

However, we now have a new alternative to put on our travel bucket list. This artificial beach, Siam Haad Sai Khao, is perfect for your weekend getaway and is located just an hour away from Bangkok.  

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Free entrance and activities 

Beach near BangkokImage credit: @thestoriesfan

Siam Chai Haad Sai Khao or Siam Chai White Beach is a new man-made beach located in Nakhon Chaisi district in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand. 

Beach near BangkokImage credit: @kp_talonlak

Coconut palms, white sand, and the beautiful blue sea – everything you need on a beach is offered here. Besides, the place comes with cleanliness and safety precautions and fewer crowds. 

Artificial beach near BangkokImage credit: @thestoriesfan

Siam Chai Haad Sai Khao in Nakhon Pathom
Images adapted from:
Krissada Worapin and @jamilie_picha

This beach is available to visit for free from 8AM to 8PM every day, and there are boats and water paddles for travellers to enjoy for free too.  

It’s open for visitors, but some areas that are still under the construction. So, we can look forward to seeing more photogenic spots and new activities in the near future. 

Siam Chai Haad Sai Khao in Nakhon Pathom
Image credit: @ praew_skinnn

If you don’t have any destination this weekend, don’t hesitate to put this new spot on your list. 

Siam Chai Haad Sai Khao (สยามชัยหาดทรายขาว)
Address: 3234 Tha Phraya, Nakhon Chai Si District, Nakhon Pathom 73120.
Opening Hours: 8AM-8PM, Daily
Telephone: +66 94 879 3599

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