Teaching children to deal with COVID-19

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There are concerns about how to raise children while everyone adapts to the “New Normal”. Unlike before, kids have had to learn to play alone together and being at home too much can stress them out. Thankfully, children’s programmes are stepping in to help them make sense of the world right now.

On 17th June, Sesame Workshop announced their plan to air a 25-minute special to help kids around the world manage during the COVID-19 crisis.

The special will be for kids worldwide

ElmoCOVID RayaSource: Sesame Street International Social Impact

Sesame Workshop, in collaboration with the LEGO Foundation, recently announced their plans to air a special for 13 languages across five continents.

The special, Elmo’s World News, will teach children how to deal with ‘big feelings’ “like frustration and sadness”, reported Reuters. 

One of the clips shows the Muppets talking about the “Frustration Dance” and shows a girl pacing around while angrily throwing down her arms. It’s unclear what the special will specifically focus on, but openly expressing feelings is one of the lessons.

Executive producer Scott Cameron told Reuters that the special is something children can follow no matter their situation or location. It will emphasize on playing as a way for children to express themselves.

Teaching children about self-care

ElmoCOVID CaringForEachOtherSource: Sesame Street

Since March, Sesame Workshop has run a #CaringForEachOther initiative to help US families manage during the “for-now normal”. They released shorts starring Elmo and other Muppets to teach children the importance of social-distancing and belly breathing to calm down.

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Sesame Street International Social Impact

Now, Sesame Workshop plans to localize the lessons to kids in other parts of the world, from Asia to Africa. The preview shows Muppets speaking in Bangla and Arabic teaching kids about keeping daily routines and exercising. There is currently no information of which other 11 languages will be included yet.

Coming soon around the world

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Sesame Workshop

We are thankful that shows like Sesame Street are stepping in to teach the younger children how to still be happy during stressful times.

There are currently no announced dates for Elmo’s World News but Sesame Workshop announced the launch last Wednesday, so stay tuned.

You can see Elmo’s World News preview here.

You can also watch the other #CaringForEachOther shorts here. It not only includes lessons for the children but also messages to both the Class of 2020 and parents taking care of children while being home.

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