Strawberry Pepsi Max launches in Thailand 

Pepsi is a soda drink that can be found in many places around the world, including Thailand. The drink’s fizziness and sweetness are especially suited for this tropical country’s warm and humid weather.

Debuting on the list of Pepsi’s diverse slate of flavours is Strawberry Pepsi Max, which is now available in Thailand. 

Here’s what’s different about this new soda.

Easy recipes that’d go great with Pepsi: 

Less sugary option with different sizes

Strawberry Pepsi Max is said to have no sugar and fewer calories. 

The drink comes in three different sizes: a 325 ML can, a 550 ML bottle and a one litre PET bottle. So you’ll have options to pick from, depending on how much as you’d like to add to your day.

Strawberry Pepsi Max Debuts In Thailand, Sugarless Soda Now In Stores Nationwide
325 ML Pepsi Max Strawberry flavour
Image credit: ชีวิตติดรีวิว

This new version of Pepsi is expected to have a refreshing strawberry taste that adds to that aah-sensation you get after drinking something extra bubbly – this time with no sugar or guilt.

Strawberry Pepsi Max Debuts In Thailand, Sugarless Soda Now In Stores Nationwide550 ML bottle
Image credit: Thai Hyper

For those looking to stock up on these refreshments without leaving your house, we highly recommend 7-Eleven’s online convenience store. While the service is only available in Thai language, it also seems to have the fastest delivery. 

Are you a Pepsi fan?

The beverage’s new flavour and low sugar content are sure to cause a divide between netizens. For those who are OG Pepsi lovers, you are most likely going to have a different view on this.

Have you tried it already? Let us know what it tastes like in the comments.

Cover images adapted from: @birdscream (Left), ชีวิตติดรีวิว (Right)

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