A Photo Of This Buff AF Dog Went Viral And People Are Heckin’ Confused

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Muscular doggo or optical illusion?

buff dog Images adapted from: @LLsize_11, @dwururu_0311

In the animal kingdom, humans aren’t the only ones who have swole goals. We’ve seen buff kangaroos, gorillas, and even dogs – but one pup in particular caught the attention of netizens for its peculiar photo.

Netizens had fun on photoshop

Earlier this week, Twitter user @LLsize_11 uploaded a picture of their dog, which has since gone viral.

buff dog tweet

The tweet reads:

I casually took a picture of my dog, but it looks like a person with huge shoulders and I can’t see it properly…

muscular dog
Image credit: @LLsize_11

Wait, what?

If you’re just as baffled, you’re not the only one. Other netizens started sharing the tweet, and some even got creative and started photoshopping the pup to showcase its true strength.

muscular dog 1
Image credit: @Aky_Info

muscular dog 3
Image credit: @SiKuPa4980

muscular dog 2
Image credit: @munborunatone

Some Twitter users even went all out and drew the doggo in his ultimate form.

muscular dog 4
Image credit: @kaellzor 

muscular puppy
Image credit: @YM_yoshiya

Optical illusion confirmed

When I first looked at the photo, I was convinced I was looking at a muscular Golden Retriever that had too much time to spare doing zoomies to build up all that muscle. Well, that’s until I – along with many others – realised I’d spent all that time staring at…a doggo’s butt.

muscular dog 5
Image adapted from: @LLsize_11

If you figured that out right off the bat, congrats! And if you’re up for another optical illusion, here’s one to keep you occupied:

A Confusing Photo Of A Strange Animal Goes Viral On Twitter, And ...
Image credit: @dancingfool75

A dog? A pig? A strange hybrid creature from Mars? Who knows!

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