Highly-creative owner

On 1st October 2020, Channel 3 Thailand reported a curious white Toyota that was covered in dried mud and grass and left in the middle of Pattaya’s famous Walking Street in Chonburi during the day.


The car belonged to Mr Prasert Panuektong, a 49-year-old local business owner, who revealed that it was his own idea to “modify” his car in this “style”. He further added that passersby loved to take photos with his ride all the time.

Police  turned blind eyes


Local police told Channel 3 that Mr Panuektong actually broke 2 traffic laws: one is creating a possible blind spot on the road (with a bunch of grass) and another is that the dried mud and glass could fall down and injure other people.

With that said, the police looked at Mr Panuektong’s doing as a harmless act and told the press that they would let it go.

We think Mr Panuektong should listen to the police and find another design that is safe for other people as well 

Featured image adapted from: CH3Thailand News

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