Monkey attacks owner after accident

monkey attacks owner cashes bike Thailand

Images adapted from: ที่นี่ เมืองคอน 

If your good friend accidentally hurts you, would you forgive them? 

On 27th August 2019, Facebook page ที่นี่ เมืองคอน reported a monkey attack that took place in Nakhon Si Thammarat province. The post revealed that a 52-year-old man named Sompong Srimai, along with his pet macaque named Kai, were on their way to a coconut-picking job. While driving, the motorcycle’s chain abruptly broke off and got caught in the back wheel, causing Mr. Sompong to crash in the middle of the road.

monkey attacks owner cashes bike Thailand

Boy is pissed!
Image credit:ที่นี่ เมืองคอน 

Shocked by the accident, the uninjured Kai went into a frenzy and started to bite Mr. Sompong’s back, adding three wounds to the one he already had on his hand from the accident.

Kai went berserk, didn’t let anyone near him

Paramedics soon arrived and took care of Mr. Sompong’s wounds. At that time, Kai was still in shock and frenzy. He continued to threaten everyone by showing his teeth and screaming. Even Mr. Sompong couldn’t go anywhere near him.

monkey attacks owner cashes bike Thailand

Image credit:ที่นี่ เมืองคอน 

Mr. Sompong tried to calm Kai down

Worried that Kai would attack other people, Mr. Sompong took some time to calm him down by explaining that he meant to scare the poor monkey.  

Kai finally gave in and let Mr. Sompong come near him again. Mr. Sompong then tied him up with rope to prevent another attack and put him in a neighbour’s pickup truck, along with the motorcycle, and went home.  

monkey attacks owner cashes bike Thailand

Images adapted from:ที่นี่ เมืองคอน 

Shortly after, Mr. Sompong went to the hospital and got vaccinated to prevent rabies and tetanus from Kai’s bite marks. 

No friendships were injured in the accident

Mr. Sompong revealed that he’s had Kai for 5 years and believed that Kai had no intention to hurt him. He told ที่นี่ เมืองคอน that the monkey seemed guilty and tried to play with him when they were home, as if asking for his owner’s forgiveness.

Mr. Sompong saw this as a sneaky opportunity for “revenge”, so he gave Kai the cold shoulder which made the monkey a bit sad. But Mr. Sompong assured that they’re still best buddies and he would love to go picking coconuts together as soon as his wounds heal. 

Aww…what a heartwarming story about friendship. We hope Mr. Sompong gets well soon so they can go to work together again.