Girl sent for quarantine in Yala

little girl quarantine
Image adapted from: Ochin Ad-din

Although the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Thailand is slowing down, it is too early to take it lightly. The Thai government is still closely monitoring the situation and is finding new solutions to stop the spread.

One of the best ways to curb the number of cases is to practice social distancing, and by having high-risk people being put in quarantine.

However, being away from your family is not an easy thing to cope with. Some may feel lonely, while others may feel homesick. This is especially so if you’ve never experienced staying away from home or your family.

Bidding a temporary goodbye

little girl quarantine
Image credit: Ochin Ad-din

On 16th April 2020, Facebook user Ochin Ad-din posted a series of heartbreaking photos of a woman bidding farewell to her daughter in Yala, Southern Thailand. The photos show an ambulance with a medical worker dressed up in protective clothing waiting for the little girl to get on the vehicle.

Although it was for a temporary 14-day quarantine, staying away from your child as a parent is not easy. Family members in the photos can be seen having a hard time saying their goodbyes.

little girl quarantine

Image credit: Ochin Ad-din

“The child who has to leave the family, the child who has to be quarantined alone, the child who has to leave the embrace of the parents, it is a heart-wrenching moment,” said the post.

Mr. Ochin also encouraged people to look out for each other and not to discriminate against those who are tested positive for COVID-19. Additionally, they also stated that everyone must be responsible and not hide any information from officers.

Everyone must work together to fight COVID-19

Just as it was mentioned in the post, it is also everyone’s responsibility to follow the safety measures and cooperate with the officers to fight COVID-19. 

The government can implement thousands of measures, but if we do not comply with them, it would be a waste. If we work together, we will win this fight.

We hope the girl is safe and doing well in quarantine, and also sending all the best wishes to the family during this difficult time.

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