The driver was complying with safety measures

lady shouts at driver
Image adapted from: Social Hunter 2020

During COVID-19, delivery drivers play a very important role as restaurants are only allowed to provide takeaway and delivery services at this time. 

This safety measure is not only implemented in Bangkok, but also in Phuket

Delivery companies have also implemented additional safety measures such as keeping a safe distance between customers to reduce the risk of spreading the virus to each other. However, some people don’t seem to understand the importance of these rules.

Woman furious as delivery driver refused to do as requested

On 19th April 2020, Facebook page Social Hunter 2020 shared a clip of a woman in Phuket shouting at a delivery driver in a condominium. The woman was furious as she had requested the driver to send her food to her doorstep, but the driver refused to do so

The driver explained that his company did not allow any driver to go into a customer’s building. However, the woman continued to shout at the driver and asked for his name. 

The incident ended with the woman threatening the driver by saying “ Don’t let me find out that you’ve delivered food to anyone else’s doorstep, or else I will report you.” The woman then ordered the driver to put the food on the floor and told the driver to leave.

Woman explained she was having fever

woman shoutImage credit:OneNews31

The video went viral and was immediately met with criticism from netizens. One News 31posted a screenshot of the woman trying to explain her actions. 

The woman stated that she was admitted to a hospital as she is having a high fever. She wanted the driver to hang her food on the doorknob, as she did not want to use the elevator and put other people at risk. However, many netizens felt that she was making up excuses and were angry at how she treated the driver. Some also questioned why she did not wear a mask if she was sick.

Woman was terminated from her job

Image credit: Nissan Phuket

It was later revealed that the woman was working for an automobile company in Phuket. 

The company, Nissan, posted an update to share that the woman was officially terminated from her job as the company did not want her to set a bad example for other employees. 

Additionally, the company also apologised and promised to be stricter with hiring requirements and to train their employees better in the future.

We need to treat everyone with respect

It is important that we learn to treat everyone with respect this way we can also earn respect from others. 

We hope the woman has learnt her lesson and can be kinder to others in the future. A big thanks to all delivery drivers out there helping us get delicious food despite the virus putting them at risk.

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