Dalgona coconut latte at Kamu Tea Thailand 

Dalgona drinks at Kamu TeaImages adapted from: @kamukamu.tea

The fluffy Dalgona coffee has been a popular trend ever since the pandemic lockdown. People have started creating their own fluffy cuppas ranging from coffee, bubble tea, Milo, and more. 

For anyone who still hasn’t had a chance to try this out, Kamu Tea Thailand has it for you with their new Dalgona series.  

Dalgona series starting from ฿90

Dalgona drinks at Kamu TeaThe Golden Dalgona Coconut Latte, The Golden Dalgona Latte, and Kuromitsu Soft Pearl Dalgona Latte
Image credit: @my_little_tummy

There are three new items in Kamu Tea’s Dalgona series. Coconut lovers should head for The Golden Dalgona Coconut Latte (Iced ฿90 | Blend ฿100) for coconut flavoured milk topped with fluffy coffee foam. The cup also comes with real coconut meat on top to chew on. 

Dalgona drinks at Kamu TeaImage credit: @my_little_tummy

If you love drinking coffee with a nutty scent, The Golden Dalgona Latte (Iced ฿80 | Blend ฿90) is your perfect fit that comes with cashew nuts, cacao crumbles, and Milo crunchies.

Dalgona drinks at Kamu TeaImage credit: Kamu Tea

The Kuromitsu Soft Pearl Dalgona Latte (฿90) is what all boba fans and sweet tooths want – it’s a combination of brown sugar sauce and boba together with Dalgona foam. 

They haven’t announced the end date of these special items just yet, so, if you don’t need to whisk a cup of Dalgona with all your muscles, hurry up and grab a cup at any branch of Kamu Tea Thailand.  

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