Dogs rescued in Lad Lum Kaew

Great Dane Gets Rescued

Images adapted from: Watchdog Thailand 

Watchdog Thailand (WDT) recently received an anonymous tip on a case of animal cruelty in the Lad Lum Kaew District in Pathumthani Province. It was reported that a group of Great Danes were left abandoned in a house in the neighbourhood, and WDT sprung to action. 

Dogs left to starve in severe conditions

Great Dane Gets Rescued

The poor dogs were left in an environment with severe conditions
Image credit: Watchdog Thailand 

WDT officers were at the scene as soon as possible, along with volunteer veterinarians and Pathumthani’s Department of Livestock Development. When they reached the house, they found 13 Great Danes, which were in critical condition. Most were basically skin and bones and were clearly starving.

Great Dane gets rescued

Veterinary and WDT volunteers at the scene
Image credit: AMARIN TVHD

The officers were able to get in contact with the owner, and got his permission to bring all the dogs to Pathumthani’s Department of Livestock Development for treatment. He explained to the team that he had a Great Dane breeding business. Unfortunately, he was no longer working and found himself with zero income, resulting in being unable to afford food for the dogs. 

Great Dane Dogs

Image credit: Watchdog Thailand

He went on to mention that he didn’t want to give the dogs away as he felt responsible, which is why he kept them and fed them whenever he could. However, this only led to him keeping the dogs in harsh conditions. As a result, he has broken the law in terms of animal cruelty and will be sentenced soon. 

All dogs have been sent to the hospital


Dr. Kangwan Tiradhamrong, a veterinarian who has taken the dogs under his care
Image credit: PPTV HD 36

Veterinarian Kangwan Tiradhamrong told reporters that the dogs were severely malnourished and will be sent to the Division of Animal Welfare and Veterinary Services. 

Great Dane Gets Rescued

Hang in there, you’ll be better soon!
Image credit: MCOT

As of 21st August 2019, all 13 dogs have been sent to Kasetsart University’s Animal Hospital. They are under intensive care, which has been supported by King Rama 10. After the dogs have recovered, WDT officers will ensure they find new homes, and never have to be put in a situation like this again. 

Always be responsible for your pets

Dogs have always been man’s best friend, and it’s unfortunate that they don’t always receive love and care in return. Pet owners will understand the responsibility of owning an animal. It’s so important to ensure that you are able to care for them. 

If you require assistance or would like to report a case of animal cruelty, do not hesitate to contact Watchdog Thailand here.