Souffle pancakes at Gram Cafe

Gram Cafe & Pancakes specialises in fluffy premium pancakes that seem like they come from a classy European bakery, when they really hail from Osaka.  They have other outlets across Metro BKK and we popped by the one in Siam Paragon easily due to its accessibility.

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What we ordered at Gram Cafe & Pancakes


Dessert as a main course doesn’t sound bad at all – to get started, we got Gram’s signature Premium Pancakes (฿295, ~USD 9.73) and their latest creation Gram Premium To Go Ferrero (฿450, ~USD 14.84).

We also ordered Gram Nama Milk Tea (฿90,  ~USD 2.97) and Gram Nama Brown Sugar Fresh Milk (฿95, ~USD 3.13) for drinks. 


We started off with the pancakes, and when the staff served us our meal, they gave the plate a little jiggle to show us just how bouncy these were. The pancakes were served hot and fresh, and reminded us of a freshly baked souffle. 

The dish came with syrup and whipped cream for extra flavour; which was a thicker version of your regular canned whipped cream that was smoother with a butter-like consistency.

The texture of the pancakes were fluffy and soft, and it took awhile for the butter on top to melt. This made each bite all the more creamier.


After finishing the plain pancakes, we had a bite of the Gram Premium To Go Ferrero. The cream was also just as fluffy, and was like a Nutella meringue sprinkled with edible gold and nuts. 

This is basically a Ferrero Rocher but packed inside a souffle. It wasn’t as sweet as it looks – but rest assured that it is just as satisfying for you sweet tooths


Then we ordered the Gram Nama Milk Tea (Left) and Gram Nama Brown Sugar Fresh Milk (Right) to go. Both of the drinks had chewy bubble pearls and came with fresh milk. 

These were a tad too sweet to have along with our desserts, so we’d recommend having the drinks on their own to fully enjoy the experience without having a sugar rush.

Fluffy desserts in downtown Bangkok

grampancakes-modelIf you’re around Siam and are looking for a cosy dessert spot, don’t forget to drop by Gram Cafe & Pancakes. 

Their souffle pancakes are definitely desserts worth saving tummy space for!

Gram Cafe & Pancakes
Address: 991 Rama I Rd, Pathum Wan, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330
Opening Hours: 9.30AM – 10PM, Daily
Gram Cafe & Pancakes Facebook page | Google Maps

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